Sociological imagination

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American sociologists and the Sociological Imagination

American sociologists coined the term "sociological imagination" to describe an individual's self-awareness of the relationship between personal experience and the larger society. The relationship entails being conscious of one's situation about historical accounts and the environment in which one lives. People would be able to provide a voice of reason for themselves apart from the familiar routine of daily life that includes many people, based on the theory.

Importance of the Sociological Imagination

The sociological imagination is important because it allows people to distinguish between personal problems and public issues. Additionally, own choices that individuals make will shape the whole context of their life as they will have the voice of self-reason, an essential element in determining self-experience and identifying the personal problems. The article "How the Media Inspires" explains how the sociological imagination can be used to shape the behavior of an individual. The article considers the coverage of people who shoot others and later use the media to parasite their acts. Therefore, the idea of sociological imagination covered in the article can be used to shape the behaviors of the individuals who are non-sensual and do not value the human life. Thus, social imagination shapes the behavior of the shooters based on the historical experience of shooting and having the ability to self-identity. They will realize that the human life is meaningful and that everybody deserves better and never to be killed without an apparent reason.

Recommendable Approaches for Changing Behavior

Therefore, there are various recommendable approaches that the author includes to change the behavior of an individual and the society. Thus, the aspect of sensitizing the media on the importance of standing against impunity and manslaughter is evident. Additionally, the author highlights the actions according to the law that would be taken against the shooters. The suggestions are aimed at shaping the behavior of individuals so that they realize the sense of respecting human life while the fear of being prosecuted will boost the moral standards of the society.

August 09, 2021

Life Sociology



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