Socrates thought on moral individual achievement and internal harmony

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Socrates pondered individual spiritual accomplishment as well as internal harmony.
Wisdom is good advice, and Socrates considers it an excellent guardian whose duty is to lead. Courage is primarily associated with those who fight back, and it is mainly expressed as an understanding of how fear manifests itself. It is necessary to exert control over such internal pleasures. Socrates suggests that justice should be specific and that everyone should make sure that they are really doing what is most important. Since there are three simple principles, a nature of any given state should be an analogy of any given individual and thus justice should also follow the same manner. He also states that for any given individual justice to them should be harmony that exists within the three given principles.
Socrates also talk of the nature of harmony insisting that in should go hand in hand with the education and music. The same message should not be thrown away or disregarded that education is a very important factor. Socrates suggests that there can be justice through a continued process of elimination. However, he notes that originally it was constructed through the state itself. In the begging people were used or were constructed so as to serve in the place that one is best suited or specialized. However, if the whole process was to follow this grossly oversimplified method then it means that it would fail since a person can multi-task very many specializations. Yet, it is not described by the occupation of the Socrates alone.
Socrates distinction of knowledge and Belief
Knowledge and belief are two very different things in terms of sights and sounds which appear to be very overwhelming. The onslaught based on the internet cause great repercussions; today people are much vested greatly on the ability and inability of some or everyone to grasp new innovations that have manifested the planet. The twentieth century has now been manifested with a whole lot of sensory observations, that is, one now can choose which materials they want to learn and that which they do not want to learn. That has been powered by super-powerful telescopes; other equipment's such as three-dimensional microscopes (Fine p134).
Therefore, so much of what we know or knowledge are much invented in scientific observations, for instance Fleming's endless discoveries with his microscope, so as to get what he required to bring what people now see as magical medicine and is used in various ways such as bacterial infections treatment. All the information that has been discovered gives the people knowledge. However, not all information that we have experienced is solely based on discoveries. It is what we believe in and an ability that gives us the required brain's so that we can compute and also understand that all the information that is what brings us the required joys of learning and acquiring new knowledge.
Two respects in which Socrates thinks the sun and the good are similar
The good has a place that can be considered as a form that which holds an ontological source and thus can be said to be lying between beyond being or intelligibility. Socrates argues that sight and visible are two diverse realms. They argue that in any given sense, for it to work the sense itself is the one largely used and anything that can be sensed through it. However, a person has eyes and makes sure that he is using them well through sight, but does not employ the sense thus looking at a colored picture then he might not be able to see the color. Therefore, there must be a third thing that which connects them all. Socrates talk about light and continue by saying the sun is the source of goodness since it gives us a natural light. Socrates therefore purport that if something for instance in reality looks what it looks like then it cannot be comprehended by other things that are of ordinary importance. Socrates concludes by saying that it is important to concentrate more on the mind for instance rather than other ordinary sensory organs. However, the mind just like the other ordinary sensory organs requires a 'third thing.'
Socrates application of the Allegory of the Cave to education and politics
Socrates purport that people who are based or take the cave as their home are very much protected but look only on one side. Therefore, they are able to only one side of the statuettes upon which move and pass. However, in any given case where if any given shackled cave occupant was to be set free then and only then would there be able to see the entire seen of the fire, the passing shadows and the statuettes that are there on the wall. The occupant that would choose to look into the fire then it would definitely daze his eyes for the sole reason that they are being held by a gloom in the cave. Practically, the occupant would definitely be confused and bewildered, even want to be in the shadows that are there on the wall since they have already known what was there habitually.
An upward journey scenario, of any given prisoner in darkness of a cave and is entangled in a circle of light and wisdom gives a reflection of the mind's ascent that will now be based in the real world in connection to the intelligible world that has been discussed in the 'Divided line.' The shadows that are there on the wall are a representation of opinion and conjecture which can be said to the lowest line of a divided line.
Good governance requires resourceful knowledge. If one does not have the required knowledge within them should make sure that they do not seize power because they cannot rule, if justice were to be a matter of factor. It would be very essential to make sure that 'Athenian democrats' are place in sections C and D belonging to the divided line. The reason behind is that they only have opinions and not knowledge. Therefore, they can be considered to be those prisoners earlier on discussed in the cave.
Socrates description of the state of mind of a dictatorial person
Democracy by Socrates requires them to set up a philosopher as a king and not a rule by the majority rule. They even regard it as a rule by 'demos' but others such as Wolff argue that it requires skills and judgment. Socrates refers democracy to the allegory of the ships that are being led by other but are very ignorant of what is ahead of them. 'The Socrates argues that a captain for instance is supposed to know the seasons that are there in a year, and most importantly he is supposed to be aware of the winds, stars and everything else that is required throughout in the craft, if it were to be proven that he is truly the captain to sail a ship. It is certain that he should not see the ship for him to decide how to steer, and for that matter whether others are in agreement of disagree, the captain cannot also be learning how to sail the craft and at the same time know how to navigate. If the incidents were to take place then the captain can be called a stargazer, since he is just taking the ship wherever the sheep wants to go.
The allegory suggests that people are to specialize in what is best done with them rather than take up a task simply because they know or recognize that a post is there. Socrates also suggested that philosophers were people of little importance or were not appreciated, thus their knowledge was not needed by the people of the world. The Socrates also highlights the importance of liberty and the so called dangers that lies within equality, also stressed on the matter of the unnaturalness of democracy. Socrates idea of specialization is closely linked to justice, who is seen to be in s structure, for instance the political justice is said to be a structured city.

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Fine, Gail. The Possibility of Inquiry: Meno's Paradox from Socrates to Sextus. , 2014. Print.

August 09, 2021

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