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Many migrants are arriving in the United States, the majority of whom speak little English. However, because the United States is an Anglophone country, a brief curriculum to improve migrants' spoken and written English language skills is required. As a result, this English curriculum will be designed to be as brief as possible in order to allow migrants to participate in other academic, social, and economic duties in their new nation. The primary goal of this project will be to ensure that students can communicate successfully in Standard English by the end of the program. They should be able to effectively use English in written as a well as spoken communication to live productively in the new country. The main objective of this project will be to ensure that learners are able to communicate effectively in Standard English at the end of the program. They should be able to effectively use English in written as a well as spoken communication to live productively in the new country. They should also be able to construct grammatically correct sentence for effective official communication. To summarize, they should be able to write sensible and grammatically correct sentences by observing correct spelling, capitalization and other rules of grammar.

ABCD format

ABCD is an abbreviation for Audience, Behavior, Condition and Degree


The audience for the proposed curriculums is classes of the society that wish to enhance their English communication skills over a short period of time especially due to time constrain. The curriculum is specifically intended for students, especially immigrants who did not go through elementary education in the US and those who’s English is their second language.


At the end of delivery of this curriculum, learners are expected to speak English confidently. They should be able to constructed sensible and grammatically correct sentences in English. At the same time, they are also expected to write functional, grammatically correct and properly punctuated English sentences.


Learning will occur in a class setting. There will be a room where learners will be protected from harsh outdoor environmental. The room will also have chairs and desks. On the other hand, students will be required to avail writing materials such as pens and books to write notes. In other instances, sound recording devises can also be allowed to capture the correct pronunciation of English words. Instructors will teach while students will be required to take English reading and writing tests as means of evaluation. For exams, students will be given reading tests, dictations, punctuation tests and a writing of compositions.


Students are expected to be proficient in English communication after delivery of the curriculum. To asses this proficiency, the system will have provision for administration of tests. Successful students will be expected to attain over 70% of marks in all tests. They will also be expected to writes error-free English text as well as construct functional and grammatically correct English sentences.

Bloom’s Taxonomy

To effectively design and deliver this curriculum, the three main spheres/domains of learning as described by bloom will be utilized. These are intellectual skills; affective (related to growth, emotions and one’s attitude and manual skills also referred to as psychomotor skills (Bloom, Krathwohl & Masia, 1984). These three domains will be expanded into 6 steps of Bloom’s Taxonomy. The first step will involve the step of creating in which learning materials will be assembled to facilitate transfer of Knowledge. The materials assembled will be evaluated for usefulness as well as for suitability with prevailing conditions. Analysis of the information in the curriculum, students and the environment will also be conducted. The content developed will be passed to students taking into consideration the cognitive, affective and psychomotor aspects. This will assist students to understand the information delivered such that they can remember it in future. Effectively remembering this information and utilizing it in effective communication constitutes learning.


Bloom, B. S., Krathwohl, D. R., & Masia, B. B. (1984). Bloom taxonomy of educational objectives. Allyn and Bacon, Boston, MA. Copyright (c) by Pearson Education.< http://www. coun. uvic. ca/learn/program/hndouts/bloom. html.

April 19, 2023

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