Stonehenge Monument Structure

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Monuments are a kind of structures that were explicitly created to commemorate a unique event, prominent person, or which has become necessary to a social group as part of their remembrance of the historical times or cultural heritage. Most of the monuments were created many years ago, and they are frequently the most durable and famous symbols of the historic civilizations. One of the most famous monuments in the world is known as Stonehenge.
Stonehenge is perhaps the world’s most famous prehistoric monument. It is located in England 3km west of Amesbury and thirteen km north of Salisbury. According to archaeologists, this monument was constructed from 3000bc to 2000bc. The largest parts of Stonehenge are known as sarsens and weigh 25 tons while its smaller parts are known as bluestones and weigh up to 4 tons. Being among the most renowned landmarks in the United Kingdom, this artwork has been a legally protected monument since 1882 when the British government introduced a legislation to protect historic monuments.

Provenance of the work

This monument was produced by people who did not leave written records. Although researchers have tried to explore various aspects why and it was constructed, no one has ever presented a clear explanation concerning who came up with this artwork. There is also little or no direct evidence which shows the construction techniques used by the constructors. Over the years, various researchers have suggested that anachronistic or supernatural methods were applied.

The impact of Stonehenge when it was created

Various activity that took place at this artwork shows it had a significant purpose for the community. It is argued that ancient astronomers used this monument as a solar calendar to track sun and moon movement and spot seasonal changes. This is an indication that the Stonehenge was highly valued because it assisted the community notice seasonal changes.

Human bones found at the site indicate signs of cremation before mass burials. These bones suggest this monument could have served as the ancient’s burial ground as well as ceremonial complex and temple for the dead. Most of this factors show the creation of this monument was aimed to serve the community in different ways.

How the artwork reflected the philosophical, religious or social climate of the time and place associated with the artist

From what scientists can articulate, Salisbury plain was considered to be a sacred place long before this monument was built. This indicates the stonehenge served as a temple for worshiping the ancient earth deities. This artwork shows there were climatic changes during the ancient period because several aspects indicates it was used for tracing seasonal changes. Several human bones found at the site indicate the ancients had some form of mass burials. According to researchers, most of the bones are those of adults and this has led to the conclusion that people during those days had long life span.

During the intense construction of this monument, the British culture was united because it shows the construction of artwork involved teamwork. This factor is demonstrated by various uniform pottery styles found around the region. Some people believe the Stonehenge was established to celebrate peace and unity in the society. This indicates that peace and union were highly valued during the ancient times.

Perception of this monument today

The fact that the ancients left no information concerning this artwork, people have been coming up with numerous perceptions concerning different aspects associated with it. One of the perceptions is that the construction of this monument might have been used as a landing site for the ancients. There is also a perception that this monument could have been used for different purposes including healing and burial site, a place of tracking seasonal changes among others.

People also believe the stones found at this site might have been challenging to move because of their sizes. There is little fact concerning this perception because some people argue that the stones could have been broken into smaller pieces.

Reasons why this monument was chosen for this study

This monument was selected because it is a mysterious artwork surrounded by different perceptions. For example, the reason why and how it was created has been a subject of discussion for many years. This artwork is also famous and attracts many people across the world to witness the art of the people who existed many years ago.


Although researchers and academicians suggest that anachronistic or supernatural techniques were applied during the construction of this monument, there is little evidence which supports these findings. Various aspects like the existence of bones around the area lead to the conclusion that this area might have been used as a burial or healing site. Some people also argue that the site was used to master seasonal changes because its entrance faces where the sun rises on the day of summer solstice

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