Strategic Use of Technology

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Technological Advancement and the Hiring Process

Technological advancement has altered the way organizations are run, including the employment process. During the recruitment process, technology has automated many operations while also facilitating the collection and management of massive numbers. Quality personnel are critical in the delivery of services at Chesapeake IT Consultants since they engage with clients. Technology has helped the hiring process by boosting the employer brand, allowing businesses to communicate with potential employees. Technology is a critical strategic tool that will enable Chesapeake IT Consultants to recruit smarter, impacting employee retention and increasing retention. Having landed two new projects that will require the employment of at least 75 new hires, it is crucial for Chesapeake to invest in technology in the human resource department. Technological advancement in the hiring process will improve Chesapeake current communication systems, collaboration, relationships, decision making hence a competitive advantage fundamental in IT business.

The Role of Technology in Decision Making

Technology can improve the recruitment process in Chesapeake through influencing informed decision making. Technology enables collection and organized storage of diverse information including resumes of different prospective and current employees. Strategic technological solutions will allow the IT department to engage effectively with the potential employees hence influencing informed decision making (Holm, 2010). Every level of management can employ the hiring systems to make critical judgments in the company.

Example of Possible Decision Supported by Hiring System

Senior/Executive Managers
(Decisions made by the CEO and the CFO at CIC supported by the hiring system.)

The senior management could use hiring technology to make promotion decision. Hiring systems provide detailed information including the qualifications of the current employees and future prospective employees. As such, the hiring systems allow the senior management to make promoting decisions based on an in-depth analysis.

Middle Managers
(Decisions made by the Director of HR and the Manager of Recruiting supported by the hiring system.)

Make decisions on behalf of their departments

The director of human resource department and recruiting systems implement the hiring systems to determine top talents including their knowledge expertise and skills. The systems allow the recruiting manager to position different employees according to their qualifications.

Operational Managers
(Decisions made by the line managers in the organization who are hiring for their projects supported by the hiring system.)

Manage projects and make decision best on the interests of a particular account

The operational managers could use the hiring methods to maximize the potential of the each employee to minimize costs while achieving maximum productivity.

The Importance of Effective Communication in Hiring

One of the most fundamental ideas that define a strategic leadership and success in organizations is the ability to communicate effectively. In a consultant firm such as Chesapeake communication within the company and the clients means the difference between success and failure. In first stages of the recruiting process, technology provides the platform for the human resource to communicate the availability of the positions to potential employees. Effective communication in Chesapeake involves reaching the top talents and influencing them to apply. In the current digital society, reach a broad base of prospective employees includes employing recent technology. In the initial stages of recruitment, strategic technological systems will allow the human resources to keep in touch with the potential candidates while enabling them to carry out the assessment and sorting process effectively (Owusus-Ansah & Kwabena, 2014). Similarly, communication is important after the hiring process. It is only through effective communication systems that employee turnover can be controlled in an organization. Strategic communication systems allow the new hires to be informed effectively on organizational culture in Chesapeake hence facilitating quality performance that will enable the organization to grow through landing prestigious projects. Moreover, employee retention is based on efficient communication system which is only possible through strategic technological systems.

The Role of Technology in fostering Collaboration

Information technology is critical in fostering collaboration in an organization. In a consulting firm such as Chesapeake, team work is vital. Hiring systems provide an opportunity for potential employees to build professional relationships with the hiring managers. Similarly, systems provide a chance for the employees to interact not only with each other but also with their supervisors and senior managements. Moreover, hiring systems allow the recruiting managers to personalize the employing process (Owusus-Ansah & Kwabena, 2014). An organization that has invested in communication systems fosters collaborative hiring. In Chesapeake, the systems provide more data on the employees which are important in analyzing and understanding professional goals of the new hires hence promoting collaboration. Collaboration Chesapeake new hire to work comfortably with the old employees hence quality performance.

The Importance of Information Technology in Building Relationships

Technology gathers information that can be fundamental in determining the best-recruiting strategy that can be substantial in relationships. In Chesapeake, professional relationships amongst the employers and between the clients and the company is vital. Delivery of It solutions is based on understanding the needs of the customer and addressing them to consumers satisfaction. Technological systems are fundamental in monitoring the relationships that employees have built with the clients and with others employees hence providing a basis to analyze employee development including turnover effectively. Relationships are built from communication systems that are influenced by advancements in technology. Manual systems do not allow for efficient communication hence limiting the development of relationships in an organization.

The Importance of Strategic Technological Systems in the Hiring Process

Strategic technological systems allow for better-recruiting systems. They are not only cost effective but also efficient in narrowing the search for quality employees. Chesapeake Consultants as an IT company should include sophisticated hiring systems to immolate the services they market and sell. The fast growth of Chesapeake demands a transformation from manual systems. A technological recruitment process is time sensitive hence naturally cost-effective (Holm, 2010). The more time spent in the hiring process, the more the number of resources invested in the process. It is vital for Chesapeake to invest in simple, affordable and user-friendly systems that can be integrated with the current hiring procedures. For instance, the applicant tracking systems allow the recruitment personnel to manage and track a prospective employee. It allows automated reviewing of the resumes hence analysis of employees based on their skills. Chesapeake currently requires a hiring process that will reduce costs, increase productivity and reduces risks for a bad match while effectively integrating to the current systems used.

Technological Advancement and Competitive Advantage in the IT Sector

In the current digitalized corporate world especially in IT, competition is high and progressively increasing to even greater heights. Strategic technological advancement in the hiring process will effectively give Chesapeake the competitive advantage necessary to expand to international standards. The technology involves automation of many activities in the recruitment process which reduces the cost of doing business due to the ability to organize and manage large volumes of data. Automation of process increases productivity hence giving Chesapeake a competitive advantage. Technology will make it easier for Chesapeake to reach out to a large group of potential candidates, allows automation of the process which reduces the risk of employee turnover. Employee turnover is expensive since it results in a hiring process that is costly. Technology gives Chesapeake a competitive advantage since it provides in-depth analysis of the entire hiring process. It provides insight on where top quality employees come from and how employees turn out in their entire working process. Technological advancement in the recruitment process will give Chesapeake Consultants a competitive advantage necessary in the IT sector.


Holm, A. B. (2010). The Effect of E-recruitment in the Recruitment process; Evidence based studies from three Danish MNCs. Aarhus papers , 91-111.

Owusus-Ansah, S., & Kwabena, N. S. (2014). Leveraging information technology in recruitment and selection process-a compartive study. Interantional journal network and communication research, 16-44.

May 17, 2023


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