Strengths of Leadership Distribution throughout an Organization

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 Firstly, the distribution helps increase the response rate to the market requirement or the customers. Secondly, it improves the quality of decision making due to the stronger sense of ownership instilled in the several leaders. Besides, it increases financial transparency in cases where there is fiscal devolution. There is a generation of more ideas and initiatives because of the increase in entrepreneurial. Such organizations have production of improved levels of enthusiasm and motivation (Schuurman, and Nyman 286). It also presents a convenient way of managing desired complex demands. The organizations provide opportunities to see the role and work of leaders and the way to develop towards such functions. There is also reduction of threats because knowledge is shared and there is reduced the likelihood of one person holding the primary information.

Weaknesses of Leadership Distributed throughout an Organization

  There is fragmentation of work if the organization lacks core mission and value that is worked towards by the firm. Further, there may be lack of clarity in the firm about the roles and present possibilities aiming at bypassing a level of authority. Decision-making process is slowed down because more people are involved. It may also devalue the role of leadership because everyone tends to think they can lead.

Ecosystems in Ecosystems

Ecosystems in ecosystems are the network of organizations that include suppliers, customers, distributors, competitors, and government agencies within an organization that is involved in delivering a particular product or service through both cooperation and competition that exists in the more significant interconnected structure that makes the world.


Eco-leadership works both externally and internally supporting organizational change and also taking a social and environmental stance (Schuurman, and Nyman 288). Necessarily, the two activities are complementary and connected in that when an organization focuses on the improvement of the lives of the citizens of the world and introduce genuinely sustainable solutions; the firm is in more synch with the customers and the society which ultimately results into internal improvements and success.

Dominant leadership discourse

The dominant leadership discourse in my organization is the functionalist or normative because the manager and the leader development is typically portrayed as a mostly technical activity whose principal purpose is to build skills, knowledge, and abilities of management population (Schuurman, and Nyman 291). Hence, the ontological status the manager and management remains broadly unquestioned and therefore taken for granted.

Work Cited

Schuurman, Nora, and Jopi Nyman. "Eco-Leadership Discourse And The Case Of The Finnhorse." Sociologia Ruralis, vol 54, no. 3, 2014, pp. 285-302. Wiley-Blackwell, doi:10.1111/soru.12040.

January 19, 2024

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