Student Athletes. Whu they are?

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College Athletes and Scholarships

College athletes are each full-time students who have to take up classes and examinations and at the same time have interaction in championships and other tournaments. Most of the competitive sport things to do that these athletes participate in are organized by the sponsoring instructional institution. College athletes are awarded scholarships to institution due to the effort they make in participating in athletics.
The reason why scholar athletes are not being paid is because the sponsoring institutions anticipate that the scholarship awarded to them is enough. It has been the norm for institutions to award scholarships to student athletes since the formation of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Therefore, there is reluctance to embrace change in rewarding and compensating student athletes even after the NCAA has grown into a million dollar organization. People who are against the idea of paying salaries to student athletes are usually concerned of how costly it would be for the sponsoring institution due to taxes and other costs. However, it is clear that student athletes make a significant contribution to the revenue streams of an institution (Donnor 48)

The Consequence of Not Remunerating College Athletes

The consequence of not remunerating college athletes is that they are unable to cater for their day-to-day expenses since the scholarships awarded to them only cover basic university expenses such as accommodation, meals, and tuition. This demoralizes the athletes who eventually opt to engage in other ventures which are more rewarding (Donnor 56).

The Need to Pay Student Athletes

There is need to pay student athletes so that they can afford basic necessities as well as pay for the activities that would enhance their motivation in joining athletics even further. This will boost their morale for training and participating in championships. Furthermore, student athletes rake in millions of dollars to the sponsoring universities and therefore, paying them a decent salary would be reasonable policy. Paying athletes a salary will give them a chance of managing their own money while still young (Donnor 52). Paying student athletes is not only a form of motivation but also a training ground for professional athletes who are both responsible and committed.

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October 07, 2021

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