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According to the Voice of Australia's Universities (2017), the environmental policy aspects concern the need to develop a long-term action strategy for sexual abuse and abuse victims and survivors. Due respect. Just now. The Always initiative is a democratic movement aimed at protecting the interests of university students. As a result, the government is a significant stakeholder in terms of human rights security regulation. The government is in charge of enacting legislation that regulates the activities of non-governmental organizations that work to solve human rights issues (Gerber & Castan, 2012). As such, the government has the power to enact policies that either strengths or limits the powers of the Respect. Now. Always campaign.

Correspondingly, the campaign has its policies made in alignment to the Australian Human Rights Commission Regulations acts. For example, the government states that discrimination and harassment of any nature, as well as the anti-discrimination legislation of any form, is contrary to the law. The government through its provisions and regulations empowers Respect. Now. Always as a movement to put in place policy on discrimination and harassment that clearly and concisely communicates: the campaigns attitude towards discrimination and harassment, a lucid definition of what is considered discrimination and sexual harassment, description of circumstances where discrimination and sexual harassment is likely to occur, create awareness that everyone within the university has an obligation to prevent and fight against any form of discrimination and harassment, duty to offer information on how as well as where the victims and survivors of discrimination and sexual harassment can get help and other related services, and the probable consequences of discrimination and sexual harassment.

Power Holder Map

In an application of the power holder map, the campaign is highly influenced by the government, the Australian Human Rights Commission, and the Australian university students. The campaign policy has to address the concerns of three identified stakeholders whose concerns must in one or another be addressed. According to Australian Human Rights Commission (2012), it is the responsibility of an organization, business or legal organization to ensure that the stakeholders’ goals and expectations are addressed and meat. In this view, the government influences the Respect. Now. Always campaign through laying out regulations and provisions within which it is expected to operate. The movement is, thus, expected to adhere to the provisions and abide by the regulations in order to find the environment favorable for realization of its objectives that include

The Australian Human Rights Commission works in collaboration with Respect. Now. Always campaigns to ensure that all the universities students are protected by the policy. In collaboration, the forces are able to create awareness regarding information to what sexual assault is and any form of discrimination they are likely to face within the universities environs (In Zajda, 2015). The students are then informed of how and where to access the campaign services whenever necessary as well as other relevant services that concerns human right protection. Nevertheless, the students are the campaign's target hence their expectations have to be meat.

On the other hand, Respect. Now. Always campaign has strong support stemming from various pressure groups including concerned non-governmental organization besides the Australian Human Rights Commission. University employees including the lecturers, instructors, and the subordinate staff strongly support the campaign. In their view, they need to work in an environment that is safe and free from violations of any human rights. Finally, the university senates are in strong support of the campaigns since they need students to conduct their learning in education friendly environments. Through supporting the campaigns, they foster the creation of not only good working environment for employees but also effective learning environments where equality, respect for, and accommodations of students’ varying culture take precedence (Australia, 2008).


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November 17, 2022

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