swot analysis of zero hours contract

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In comparison to standard contracts

which establish and promise jobs, operating on a zero contract does not guarantee or provide work. In this situation, however, many employers use such contracts to cover working practices that differ (Gómez-Meja, Balkin, & Cardy, 2012). Surprisingly, many employees believe that this working plan is more efficient and successful. In particular, general censure has been implied and implemented in the United Kingdom; nevertheless, employers have a duty to affirm that contracts entail needs and conditions that specify benefits, commitments, and standing of workers on zero job contracts. Whereas when zero contract effectively implemented it brings about flexibility among the employers and workers. In the same fashion, it is important to note that according CIPD research, zero contract employees in United Kingdom are not fully satisfied with their work as employees (Wilkinson, Redman, & Dundon, 2017). According to its research, such jobs are taken down by employees to foster job quality prior with respect to control life balance and autonomy.


Generally, it is important to realize to establish and improve on an agreed code of practice on zero hours contract employees. The compelling evidence based on research states poor practice does not exist (Van-der-Wagen, 2007). Conversely workers will have a duty to accept work if it is offered to them but some will not take it to account they will disagree. Nevertheless the pay arrangements and benefit given may differ in terms of hours assigned however compensation is guaranteed by the employer when work is cancelled with a short notice.


Generally all workers are subjected to a legal copy of written terms and conditions notably not within two months of employment. By all means employers, should apply zero hour's contract where flexibility inherent suits both employers and workers. In detail, employers should ensure there are comparable rates of pay for employers partaking same job regardless of their differences in status of employment (Armstrong, 2006). For this reason, this should be outlined in employment policies terms and condition with practice observed often.


Financial instability and stress can be overseen as potential variability of job and earnings. In essence safety and health disasters due to unacceptable procedures of uncontrolled working hours, shifts and patterns (Gómez-Mejía, Balkin, & Cardy, 2012) Likewise, uncertainty to have adequate working hours, unemployment rate caused by employee rights without assured working hours.


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October 25, 2022

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