Textual Observation: Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Julia)

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In the play Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Julie) by Ann-Marie MacDonald. The corrupt nature of human beings is portrayed across the acts of the literary work. The various characters in the play ‘Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Julie)’ while on the first impressions are depicted as innocent, and victims of the circumstances tend to possess hidden cases of lies and treachery.

Ann-Marie MacDonald seems to be focusing on the theme of the corrupt nature of humanity which seems to be inevitable as everyone seeks to attain an individual gain. While it would be expected for Ann-Marie to focus her apparently critique on the human character in ‘Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Julie),’ the Act I of the play sees Constance criticize Shakespeare’s characterization in the plays ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Othello.’ While it could be understandable to see instances of fiction in a play, an author’s plot and choice of characters ought to portray a realistic approach and not seem to lie to the audience blatantly. Ann-Marie MacDonald through the character; Constance asserts that in Shakespeare’s plays, Othello and Romeo had opportunities to save themselves but failed to do so.

Ann-Marie MacDonald reiterates the corrupt nature of human beings through the student whom although her apparently young age seems to have mastered the art of corruption as she lies to Constance and goes on to manipulate her by complimenting her hair. The student leverages her lies by using illness as an excuse and deviate Constance from realizing the lie or deducing the fact that she had not the student an extension. Drawing from Shakespeare still in the play ‘Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Julie),’ Iago is in a quest to draw a drift between Othello and Cassio. Iago insinuates that Desdemona had been unfaithful to Othello by cheating on him with Cassio based on the evidence of the handkerchief spotted with strawberries. Constance depicts Othello as corrupted by the love of honor and Desdemona. It is apparent that Iago is capitalizing on Othello’s weaknesses to corrupt his mind and win Othello’s favor since he is his ‘Lord.’ Use of swift words and asserting to Othello that ‘he loves him’ while in real sense Iago is in a quest for favors before Othello is an instance of corruption as opposed to the portrayed character of loyalty.

In Act II, we witness that the Iago was indeed lying to Othello and he was the one with the handkerchief. Also, Othello is unraveled as a corrupt individual who lied to Desdemona about his war victories to gain her love. Also, Constance is a corrupt as asserted by the fact that she was drinking beer in class when she is not supposed. Also, Constance is a lazy fellow, and her weaknesses are asserted by the Professor when he refers to Constance as an ‘incurable romantic.’ Across the play, Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Julie) by Ann-Marie MacDonald, the corrupt nature of human beings is portrayed. As far as anyone could depict lies and treachery as undesirable, it is evident from the play that corruption is a necessary evil for people to attain personal desires. A question would, however, arise on whether lying and use of tricks should be condemned in totality. There is a need for survival and whereas lying could be dangerous, doing it for a good course can be sanctified.


MacDonald, Ann-Marie (1990) Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning, Juliet), Coach House Plays, Toronto

December 12, 2023



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