The Advert that Caught My Attention

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KRTY is a commercial radio that I listen to, where country music is aired. The adverts in this FM radio are presented in a manner that attracts one's attention. This station is among the best in California with organized programs, hence motivating me to spend much of my time following its programs. The radio has a variety of adverts. Many of them advertise on best singers in the country music. One advert in this radio that caught my attention is an advert on the song that pays. This advertisement emphasized on listening to this song by Gary and Julie every weekday morning. This advert also stressed on listening to the song at the appointed time to be a winner of two hundred dollars.

The advert caught my attention because of the love I have to country music, and all the advantages one was to get as stated in the advert. It was interesting to get this message because of the sweet words added to draw people’s attention like listening to win some cash. The tone used to make the advert was so much interesting too; hence I had a reason to listen to the advert.  The terms used to describe the song, for instance, the sound of cash, and how it changed every day was the reason I paid more attention to the advert.  The sound of cash in this context symbolized how sweet and enjoyable the song was, and the profit one was to get on listening to it. Gary and Julie are the best singers, and their music is exciting in the whole country. Therefore, the advert caught my attention because I needed to get the exact time when they will do their presentation so that I can listen to their music.

August 04, 2023


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