The American Dream is Changing

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When the term “American Dream” was coined in the period preceding the Great Depression the historians described it as that dream of a land in which life is favorable, richer, and better for each citizen with opportunities for all individuals to achieve their dreams according to their abilities. It was later discovered that chasing the American dream was a real hustle that was encountered with several dares. According to the article titled “The Downsizing of the American Dream” by Cooper, the upward economy is not probable among the middle class populations. It was meant to encourage individuals work hard to attain their aspirations because all persons have equal opportunities. The idea of the American dream is changing in the twenty-first century as economic disparities have led people to describe their preference of security and holding onto what they have as opposed to having the ambition of a job, family, and home as has been the case in the past.

The root of the idea of the American Dream was the need to own a home, have a job and start a family. A great deal of the threat to the realization of these goals is the associated trend of poverty in the U.S. that could largely be attributed to the growing economic inequality and imbalance that is characteristic of the middle income earners. In the development of the definition, respondents in 2000 argued that the declining wages constituted a lost decade (Cooper). It is, however, noted that the shift in thinking by the subjects towards negativity pertaining their income status has led to 29 percent thinking that the economic system is unfair. By 2015, only 28 percent thought that having a healthy marriage is what constitutes the American Dream (Cooper). However, sometimes as a result of inequality, there is a limitation in the access to the facilities and social amenities that people use in their social dispositions. Usually though, it is not common for the victim to realize the occurrence of a major disparity and economic inequality unless they change the way they perceive the immediate environment.

The American dream provides freedom to make crucial decisions that can affect a person’s life the autonomy of having greater dreams and how to achieve them, as well as freedom to amass wealth and live a decorous life. In what appears to be a new dimension in the understanding of the concept of social mobility and its relation in pursuing the American dream, Americans are increasing becoming aware of the difficulty it is to perceive life in a manner that economists thought previously. As this is the new effect that many are finding hard to fathom, the subject has become an issue that has recently been associated with a heated debate with optimists affirming that the America dream and the hope of an equal American society in which there will be equality in all sectors. From the effect of the changing lifestyles conditions in the social and economic structures, it is imperative to assert that the America dream is an illusion and it is unlikely that it will be possible to realize the anticipated social mobility, inequality trends, and poverty eradication for the American population heading into the future (Cooper).

It has been noted that unfortunately, strict alignment to the belief and style of thinking has been the greatest challenge in the present day as people become misguided by it. Many people have stopped looking for jobs as they think that there are not many favorable opportunities for them. The significance of this feature is to ensure that while investing in a home or family, there should be a background analysis of one’s economic potential overall as many are wary of debts. It is a major factor when one invests in a place that had been proven to be a place that is affected by imbalance in resources distribution. Thus, as a result of the direct environment, it is possible to predict the patterns that will be followed by the inhabitants and that could derail their progress in reaching their financial goals when they invest in an area of great economic disparity and are thus more likely to remain in the poverty zone.

In summary, the origin of the new definition of the American Dream is guided by lower economic potential in the current age. As many think that working hard can help them overcome the challenge, they consider that success is shaped by positivity and failure and poverty is linked to negativity. As Americans become receptive to new age and changing economic times, so is the increased chance that they will be in worse financial states in the future that could affect them in the generations to come. However, material possessions are now being considered less attractive as the desire to hold on to what one has is becoming increasingly realistic with less bargaining power at stake.

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August 21, 2023
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