The Auroral Phenomenon and the Viewing of Earth-like Planets

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Auroral activity is a natural phenomenon that is common in the southern and the northern regions of the planet earth where there is a luminous atmospheric appearance that can be view as bands of light or streamers are visible in the night sky. According to a majority of astrologers, they believe that the bright luminous bands of light seen on the night sky are usually a result of charged particles emanating from the sun which are crossing into the earth’s magnetic field which results into stimulation of molecules in the atmosphere(Grodent, 2015). The auroral observations have close ties with the UFO observations which in this case is associated with the viewing of auroral activity on Jovian planets which is a phenomenon that is associated with earth.

The observation of the Earth-like planet on an orbit of a Jovian planet is a suggestion of the existence of extraterrestrial activity. The consequential viewing of the auroral observations on the Jovian planet brings into focus the understanding of the particle acceleration as part of the discussion on the planetary interior structure(Kao et al., 2016). Kivelson and Bagenal suggest that the knowledge on the in-situ measurements associated with the earth’s auroral zones, the auroral observations, in this case, will have the implications on the modeling of the magnetospheric plasma and the planetary magnetic field on the observed Earth-like planet (2014). One other observable feature that can be seen are rings. Rings can be viewed on the planet based on the magnetosphere effect in due to the possible Earth-like features(Kivelson & Bagenal, 2014). The possibility of rings due to magnetosphere can be attributed to increased charged particles or electrons which tend to collide with molecules and atoms in the atmosphere leading to energy transfers which tend to form visible light as part of the energy released.


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August 04, 2023

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