The Background of Netherlands

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An international conference being organized in the first month of the year 2019 in Malaysia by the World Bank researchers aims to address the disparities when it comes to the development of migration with regards to development. The forum will appreciate the various developments in migration that have been observed globally including the Netherlands which is located in Europe (The World Bank, 2018).

2a. State and justify which area(s) of globalization this development falls under (ie economic, cultural, or political globalization).

            Migration falls under economic globalization due to the fact that economic ventures have been the main triggers and drivers of migration in the history of the Netherlands (Ulbe, 2012, p. 14). (Ulbe, 2012, p. 28) further notes that despite the multicultural Dutch society built as a result of migration in the history of Netherlands, the quest to improve living standards and have a better economy was first and they are after social interactions which manifested in form of intermarriages and political affiliations. Therefore, even though the aspects of cultural and political globalization are seen in the Netherlands with reference to migration, economic globalization came first.

2b.       Outline the main local and/or global effects of this development.

            This development has both local and global effects. The main local effects are further divided into positive effects and negative effects. According to (Vertovec, 2007, p. 1030) the dominant local effects are positive which include improved economic operations especially in the industrial sector where specialized skilled labor has been outsourced, global markets have also been enhanced through development in migration. Politically, good cross-cultural collaborations have fostered peace in the Netherlands unlike in the early 19th century when war dominated the land. Besides, multicultural relations have enabled a metropolitan demographic structure which integrates diverse cultures working together to enhance the economy of the country. The negative local effects of the development in migration as a result of globalization are the increase of illegal cases at the immigration offices in the Netherlands (Pedersen, et al., 2008, p. 1181). Cases of intruders participating in drug trafficking and smuggling of products have been on the rise prompting for reviews on the policies in place to have restriction measures so as to control the immigrants in the Netherlands (Castles, 2006, p. 1152).  The global effects are much similar to the local effect though the difference is in the scope of the effect. On the positive effects, international migration enhances international markets for the Netherlands thereby improving tourism sector, foreign trade, shipping and air transport (The World Bank, 2018). The negative effect of the development of migration as a result of globalization is inflation of markets due to smuggling and piracy by illegal traders who cross the borders of Netherlands (Castles, 2006, p. 1150).

2c.       Identify any legal, ethical or moral implications of this development.

            There are various legal, ethical and moral implications of the migration-development either positive or negative. The (The World Bank, 2018) identifies the gaps in migration policies made globally in terms of emerging discontentment with regards to the regulation put to dictate migration universally. Despite the good provisions of the migration policies which have endeavored to protect human rights by defending the immigrants, a high record of crime with regards to unidentified persons raise eyebrows (Lucas, 2005, p. 66).   (Stilwel, et al., 2003, p. 1485) notes that the development in migration as a result of globalization would create a huge gap between the developing countries and the developed countries. All the elite and highly skilled professional personnel will migrate to developed nations to acquire better job opportunities and training. As a result, the original countries of the migrants will not be able to deliver in the various departments due to lack of the required expertise. Therefore, a regulation on the same is required for ethical considerations. (Ulbe, 2012, p. 35) appreciates the multicultural social structure in the Netherlands. However, he also acknowledges the moral impacts of such a social structure. While some cultures might have morally upright behavior, others have cultures that have questionable morale principles. The mode of dressing in the modern world is crucial and has raised concerns among the religious groups identified in the Dutch culture. Therefore, the erosion of good moral values because of the development of migration with globalization is evident and crucial.

2d.       Why would there be opposition to this development and who would it come from? Justify your response.

The development in migration is bound to encounter opposition from a wide range of individuals and groups depending on the prevailing impact that the development in migration has. For example, (Ulbe, 2012, p. 20) appreciates the intensity of migration of individuals from various corners of the world to be integrated into the Dutch culture. As a result, such publications fostered for human rights and the abolition of the slave trade which paid off well with regards to the economic networks of the Netherlands. However, emerging moral, legal and ethical issues seem to overtake the positive impacts of the developed migration structures hence a review of the existing regulations (The World Bank, 2018). The imbalance between the benefits and perils from the development of migration because of globalization are the main reason for the opposition to the development of migration.


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