The Best of Matthew Arnold

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If you're interested in reading some of the best Matthew Arnold's works, there are several genres to choose from. There are Essays, Poems, Literary criticism, and Social commentaries. All are well worth reading and are sure to leave you thinking. Here are a few of the most popular works by Arnold. These include "Pi" and "The Red Shoes," among many others. These are a few of my favorites.


A reprint of the first edition of Essays in Criticism by Matthew Arnold is now available in paperback! This high-quality reprint includes the same quality as the original edition. These classic works by a prominent literary critic are a must-have for any serious literature lover. In a new edition of Essays in Criticism, Matthew Arnold has made sure that all of his key essays are in the same excellent condition. These are a great buy!


The English poet Matthew Arnold lived from 1815 until his death in 1886. He was also a cultural critic and a school inspector. Born in Rugby, England, he was the son of Thomas Arnold, a celebrated headmaster. His siblings included literary professor Tom Arnold and novelist William Delafield Arnold. His poems are considered classics of English literature. Many of his poems have been translated into many languages. In addition to poetry, he also wrote about politics, religion, and literature.

Literary criticism

If you've ever sat through a lecture by Matthew Arnold, you know that he had a particular concern for form and idea. Although it's difficult to convey this view in a few paragraphs, you can infer that he considered both to be part of a functioning organism. As a result, his view of the relationship between form and idea was often quite challenging. But as a literary critic, he was a valuable asset, and his work is still largely relevant today.

Social commentaries

The first of Matthew Arnold's social commentaries, Culture and Anarchy, collected essays originally published in the Cornhill Magazine. It was published at a time when the Reform Bill had been passed, giving the vote to working-class men. Although Thomas Carlyle was hostile to the extension of the vote, Mill was in favor of universal suffrage. The debate over the extension of suffrage had been virulent throughout the 1860s.


Many of his best known works are found in Essays in Criticism, the second series of which appeared soon after his death. These essays include a discussion of poetry as "a critique of life," and "The Scholar-Gipsy," one of his most famous poems. These poems and his prose pieces reflect the wide range of Arnold's interests. Here are some highlights from Arnold's life and career. Listed below are some of his best known works.

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