The Biography of Reginald Cathey

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Reginald Eurius Cathey was born on 18th October 1954 to a father who was a military officer and a mother who was an employee at the defense department (Stevens, 2018). Reginald attended the University of Michigan and later joined the Yale School of Drama. Cathey ran the TV program "Oz" for a record 35 years. In the film sector, Cathey featured in the "American Psycho" and the "Green Bird", where he efficiently interacted with other actors because he was jovial and an effective team player.

The article on the biography of Reginald E. Cathey is important to the learners because it contains some information that one needs to include when exploring the details about another person. Indeed, through the article on the character mentioned above, learners acquire the skills of compiling or analyzing a biography. The material on the life and death of Reginald is also essential because it provides some critical details on the achievements of the prominent entrepreneur. Finally, the article is important in providing the students with relevant information when examining the educational qualifications before employing an individual. The biography on Reginald shows that he had relevant skills in performing arts because of the skills he acquired through Yale School of Drama.

An analysis of the document about Reginald also indicates that he was a jovial and a proper team player, which are critical personal attributes. Therefore, the document is essential in providing the students with the information that the personal attributes of the workers are significant for the efficiency of a firm. For instance, as evident in Reginald’s biography, learners observe that the employment of team players helps in the success of a given program that one intends to undertake.


Stevens, M. (2018, Feb. 9th). “Reg E. Cathey, Actor on ‘House of Cards’ and ‘The Wire,’ Dies at 59.” New York Times

            Retrieved from     house-of-cards.html

October 30, 2023

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