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Marshal Goldsmith and His Book Mojo

Marshal Goldsmith, an American executive mentor, wrote the motivational book Mojo: How to Get It, How to Keep It, and How to Get It Back if You Lose It. The book provides readers with solutions that can be replicated in real life to help them stay comfortable and fulfilled while living a purposeful and positive life. Happiness is the product of a personal judgment that is not influenced by the situation in which one finds himself. Goldsmith wrote the book to help individuals in many areas achieve long-term lifestyle improvements in order to be better in life. His book gives simple processes that are easy to implement and have practical examples drawn from his experience as a coach to support his arguments. These suggestions are arranged in a systematic order in such a way that they support each other (Coughlin, par 2-5).

The Components of Mojo

Mojo is "the positive spirit toward what we are doing now that starts form the inside and radiates to the outside(Coughlin, par 1). He describes mojo as entity that has four components. First there is identity which can be defined as a person's perspective of themselves. It relates to the thoughts that an individual has about himself. According to this book, there are four sources of a person's identity which are Remembered Identity, Reflected Identity, Programmed Identity, and Created Identity (Goldsmith, 45). The second component is achievement: the success a person has in his life. Another component of mojo is reputation which is the opinion that other people have about a particular person. It is the definition given to an individual by the people he interacts with in his daily life. Finally, there is acceptance. A person has to look at the environment, and also at himself, and identify the things he can change to become better and those that are beyond his ability to change them.

The Concept of Nojo

Further, the book introduces the concept of Nojo which is the opposite of mojo. This is "the negative spirit towards what I am doing now that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside" (Goldsmith, 22). This spirit can affect everyone that is around us. Additionally, he suggests that every person should have a mojo scorecard to be used improve their behavior.

Mojo and Business Ethics

Business ethics refers to the guiding moral principles that enable businesses to operate in the right way in relating to internal and external business environment (Business Case Studies, 2). The book is a good tool that can be used as a guidance in the principles of ethical behavior at a personal level, managerial level and company level. The recommendations Goldsmith gives are easily applicable in the contemporary business environment.

Using Mojo in Human Resource Management

During the recruitment of employees and in the handling of the existing ones, the human resource management can apply the recommendations given by Goldsmith of using a mojo scorecard to understand employee behavior and make right decisions (Coughlin, par 11). Thus, the scorecard can be used to help the management correct workers in the right manner when they err. In a similar way, the management is able to analyze employee performance to help it identify its most valuable workers whose minor mistakes can be overlooked because of their contribution to the organization.

Building Reputation and Corporate Social Responsibility

Goldsmith advices that a person should work to build their reputation by working with other people. In the business world, employers have an ethical responsibility of protecting their workers by providing a safe working environment (Business Case Studies, 2). Likewise employees have the obligation of protecting the property of their employer and giving him information about the negative trends in the company that could lead to closure. By working together, persons in an organizations can create a safe environment and build a mutual relationship that will lead to success in the business. On the same note, a company should work to fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by working with the people in the community in which it is found to help them improve their livelihood.

Embracing the Right Decisions and Gradual Growth

Similarly, an organization and its management can avoid indulgence in unethical behavior by following the advice the book gives of making the right decisions at all times. Companies should strive to differentiate right from wrong in every situation before choosing the course of action to be followed when faced by a challenge. On the same note, it is the responsibility of managers to ensure that decisions made will result in long term success (Coughlin, par 11). Moreover, realizing that all things cannot be done at once but in a process of taking one step at a time, an organization will be able to embrace the concept of gradual growth. Henceforth, it will avoid temptations to engage in corruption to enable it reach maximum productivity within a very short period of time.

Applying Lessons from Mojo at a Personal Level

At a personal level, the application of lessons learnt from this book can help an individual observe ethical behavior at all times. For instance by examining oneself and deciding on their limits in any given situation, one will be able to stand firm in their belief of right and wrong, refusing to engage in wrongdoing. On top of this, one will strive to do their best always so that he can develop a reputation he is proud of. Likewise, by applying the idea of "Name It, Frame It Claim It" (Goldsmith, 167), an employee will be able to take charge of negative situations at their place of work. Hence he will establish a positive relationship with co-workers and respect for the boss.


In summary, Goldsmith has written a great book that gives simple ways in which a person can improve on their productivity. The principles taught therein are applicable at a personal level to help people succeed in their careers. Additionally, organizations and business managers can use this book as a guiding tool in maintaining ethical behavior in all the spheres of their operation.

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