The Causes of Crime and Deviance

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For the next semester

I intend to study broadly about the topic of crime and deviance. For this reason, I have identified several resources that I aim to use for the course. Examples of books that have widely explored the topic include Downes et al. (2016) and Akers (2017). Other works which may also be useful texts in understanding the development of deviance include Cohen (2017), Newman and Wolfgang (2017), Hirschi (2017), and Matza and Blomberg (2017). These books provide the reader with extensive knowledge about the concepts of crime and deviance. Concerning journal articles, I have identified Wright and Bouffard (2016) and Kleck and Mims (2017) as vital in understanding the way the criminal justice system plays a significant role in reducing crime.

In a bid to improve my study skills

for the next semester, I have identified Caulfied and Hill (2018) and Worthington (2015) to assist me in understanding the way I should study the topic of crime and deviance, as well as the overall statistics of these concepts. Besides, I intend to improve my research skills by reading a study conducted by Yin (2017). By so doing, I believe I will be in a better position to enhance my overall study skills.

My priority for discussion with my tutor

would be the debate about nature and nurture as the cause of crime and deviance. I would want to know what exactly results in crime and criminality. For instance, is a criminal born so or developed?



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September 11, 2023


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