Domestic Violence in Florida

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Domestic violence is against women ranges from short time assaults to a series of controlled threats and behaviors against a person. Domestic violence in Florida is imminent just like other states in the US, with more than 1.3 million women assaulted annually in the US (Tatum & Pence, 2015). Florida has statutes, which protect women against domestic violence. The Florida Department of Law enforcement governs the statutes.

According to Florida Statues family violence involves aggravated assault, kidnapping, sexual battery, false imprisonment, or stalking that can result in death or physical injury of a family member by another family member. Under chapter 741 of Florida statues, women are protected from any form of sexual assault, domestic battery, the violence of behaviors, which violate their rights in a family (Tatum & Pence, 2015). Under section 741.28, the statute protects a wife living together with husband, an ex-wife, blood-related individuals, common residence and those with a common child (Goldman & Evans, 2017). The statutes protect any woman, either in marriage or not and the offender is liable for probation or a fine at least 1000 dollars. For severe cases, the judge may enforce a longer jail sentence (Qureshi, 2017). The statute allows a woman to have the right to have an attorney who reviews the case check all the legal options. The right to have an attorney protect the women from legal manipulation under section 07 (Pritchard, Reckdenwald & Nordham). The statute allows the victim to modify the case by requesting a no-contact order to which she can withdraw the case. Under chapter 741, battery and any form of abuse must be addressed in the presence of a legal officer or a judge.

Cases of Domestic violence in Florida operate under section 741 of the state statutes. The statute address domestic violence mostly those targeting women and children. The defendant together with their attorney must show readiness when addressing such a case in court.


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