About Family Violence

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Domestic / Family Violence

Domestic/family violence, according to Barnett, Miller-Perrin, and Perrin (2015), is defined as an event of threat, coercion, abuse, or control. It affects people of all genders, classes, ages, sexual orientations, and races. Its prominence in society has necessitated intervention to alleviate or eliminate the sufferings that accompany it.

Significant Topics in Addressing Domestic Violence

The following topics are significant in addressing domestic violence.

Therapy Methods for Perpetrators

Several therapy methods have been created and implemented in the treatment of perpetrators (Batterers); they are intended to address the issue of male chauvinism, in which men believe they have absolute authority over women. Some of the reasons of family violence include moral behavior distortion or deficit. Anger management and assertiveness are some of the techniques used in treating perpetrators. Series of tasks exist that handles the treatment and recovery of the victims. The process starts with the establishment of relationships between the therapist and the victim, offering guidance and instilling hope in him or her and ends with the training of associates who relate closely with the victim.

Tracing Back Cultural Histories

Tracing back how a member of a cultural group that the victim belongs to and how he or she coped with a similar situation in the past can aid in finding a possible solution to a problem. Cultural histories create an action road plan on ways to survive family violence. There also exist cultural barriers in some ethnic groups that may make the victim feel guilty or ashamed and even fail to report the violence. Elimination of these obstacles means less family violence.

Tailoring Treatment to Each Case

According to Meichenbaum (2007), it is important to tailor the treatment depending on the symptoms of the abuse and any other additional problem. Treating each case separately means that the therapist will put him or herself in place of the victim. Armed with specialty, the therapist gives an in-depth insight into what may have resulted in the violence, all possible solutions, and then generates the best possible solution that fits the situation. I can apply the knowledge on maintaining a positive family relationship to make sure all people affected by the family violence are safe in the future.


Family violence is a horrendous act suffered by many in society. People need to stand together and generate harsh laws that will protect those that fall victims of this abuse.


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April 19, 2023

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