The Cold War

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The end of the cold war signaled the onset of tense relations, diplomatic difficulties, and Russian aggressiveness between the US and Russia. In essence, the two countries clashed in an effort to maintain control over and establish their superpower status in the international arena, which also explains why the current rivalry between Russia and the US is a continuation of the historic cold war between the two countries, with the current class competing for influence and power. The Soviet Union rose to an industrial and military power in the post cold war managing to challenge the western power on ideologies and in virtually every field including the social welfare, space battle and vicious proxy wars. However, the Soviet Union tumbled down because of the unsustainable massive costs the war was impacting on its economy. Consequently, the US captured power as Russia slipped from being a superpower to playing second fiddle to US.

The aftermath of world war two resulted in USSR and the US emerging as the superpowers, but neither of the nations was comfortable with the other in that position, thus creating mistrust and friction that led to rivalry and intense competition in closely every field including the space war. Additionally, this explains why the two countries have engaged in the nuclear weapon in equal measures in a bid to remain powerful and capable of repulsing external aggression and also cruise through grave diplomatic relations with potential confrontations. The United States and Russia also differed hugely on their governance ideologies and culture thereby triggering hatred and rivalry which conspicuously played out in the cold war. Communism culture also remained at the center of the conflict between the two super nations with the US fighting to prevent the spread and acceptance of Russia’s form of governance because it could compromise the US status and its monopoly to power and massive economic deals with other nations. The powerful and influential state of the US benefits itself with more profitable deals when engaging with other countries due to its bargaining power and superiority.

Past and recent US-Russia relations

Recent strained Relations

The US and Russia’s current diplomatic ties is not rosy encountering several challenges. The bilateral relationship between the US and Russia suffered a major setback in 1999 on the aftermath of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia bombing by NATO. The attack rose suspicion, mistrust and plots for retaliations that could further worsen the already rocky bilateral relations. In the year 2014, the relations between the nations further deteriorated due to the conflict in Ukraine that pitted the two super nations against each other. Russia believed that the US had a hand in the conflict thereby provoking further enmity and mistrust between them.

The US election interference

Most recently, the alleged interference of Russia in the US 2016 elections was

The US accused Russia for meddling with its politics by impacting on the credibility of the 2016 results. The US alleges that Russia compromised US’s election technology through hacking and altered the outcome of the presidential results that led to Trump declared the winner.

Other actions that further strained the relationship between the two countries would include the US missile strike on Syria and additional sanctions on Russia and the new sanctions imposed against Moscow worsening their diplomatic ties capable of igniting a dangerous full-scale war. Further issues to have complicated ties between the two states include the US’s attack on the Syrian president’s forces who are allies with the Russian president.

Conflicts and confrontations between US and Russia

Conflicts in Syria due to a chemical weapon attack that pitted against each other with the US being suspicious of the involvement of Russia in the attack and its plans to manipulate investigations. The United States president Trump accused his Russian counter-part of supporting crime against humanity in Syria and re grated it as unfortunate precedence. Further confrontation in the recent history has brought economic turmoil on Russia as well as losses to the United State. The friction and animosity has led to implementation of sanctioning from both sides against each other thereby impacting on the nations’ economic activities. Russia specifiable banned the importation of European foods into the country.

Gp Putin leadership in Russia

Putin was lucky to take the mantle of leadership on the heights of lucrative oil industry which provided the much needed economical support. Also, Putin aggressive stance on foreign matters as well as successively and decisively sorting the annexation of crime has gained him love of the Russian people and elevated his publicity ratings to approximately 84 %. However, this development has rattled the US which has constantly been competition with Russia for superiority.

Putin obsessions by the American people

Putin autocratic leadership style attracted both admiration and contempt among people. The Russian citizens approved his aggressive personality and nature on how he decisively dealt with both foreign and local matters. For example, during his tenure Putin has managed to gag the media freedom and made onslaught on civil liberty. Surprisingly, the people of Russian came to embrace his autocracy which also promoted the country’s security and superiority. In a bid to devastate the US inroads and operations in the country, Putin abolished the western grants.

Aftermath of the cold war

Apparently, the relationships between the US and Russia began to be frosty after the second world wars. The cold war sparked strong anti-communist in America that led to cultural clash and deportation of communist from the country. The intensity of the matter escalated to plans and executions of eliminating communists from the United States backed by the passage of crucial bill termed the communist control act. During this period, the US experienced the heights of discrimination against the communist by unfairly targeting their jobs and denying them conducive environment for making investments.

The cold war also impacted on the US sense of security leaving the nation in fear of possible attacks due to the disturbing memories of arm race and terrific war. Cuba also posed a danger to the security of US because of their powerful arsenal and cooperation with Russia. The cold war also impacted on the American’s economy treating the citizens to more taxes that could finance American activities outside the country in a bid to control other countries and strike self-beneficial deals. For example, the Vietnam wars consumed massive resources in a bid to counter the strategies and actions by fighting the Americans.

History and relations between cinemas and politics

The holly wood movies and entertainment has impacted on the political landscape and shaped the country’s culture and identity and social characteristics. Equally, the industry has been inspired borrowing heavily from the local and international politics and development. It is quite apparent that the cinema or movie making industry in the US has drastically yet consistently aligned itself to political matters and also shaped politics in other incidences explaining the emergence of political celebrities in the movie industry.

Different eras of filming reveal the gradual transformation of American politics and cultures alongside the themes and concepts in the movies. The motion picture becomes significant on influencing the landscape of politics and culture in America. This avenue was used to check the excess of the government and critique barbaric policies on foreign matters and push for a more liberal society. The entrance of Ronald Reagan in politics and later at the helm of the United States leadership was cemented the relations between politics and the literature cinemas.

Ronald Reagan was an actor- turned politician and took oath of office of American presidency in 1980s.He resorted to using holy wood concepts to transform American international policies and establishing American identity through films which formed an advent of celebrity politics as others followed suit the culture and concepts in the movies dubbed in real life by the politicians.

Causes of US-Russia conflict

Another genesis of mistrust and friction between the super nations is the threats of Russia to breach the treaty governing the production, possession or flight testing of nuclear weapons and missiles with lethality between 300-3400 miles under the INF agreement. Also the entrance of Russia as a powerful nation complicates the equation of the United States’ monopoly on lucrative and massive capital deals with other nations through investment and reaping profits on giant projects in its trading partners. Russia has currently developed to the status of US thereby becoming a threat to the nation’s influence on the global arena. Therefore, many countries are becoming attracted to deal with Russia other than the US which negatively impacts the former’s businesses and influence. Consequently, the profits of the US diminished and its trading block gained competitive negotiation positions for more favorable terms and deals.

The relevance of Bridge of spies and Bond movies

Many fascinating action movies were inspired by the activities and themes in the cold war era to design exciting and thrilling story lines which would include creative conflicts between the United States and the Soviet Union. Bridge of spies is a historic drama depicting the cold war themes and conflicts which basically revolved around the power struggle and the spy activities to gain advantage during the rivalry period.

Negotiation of release of Soviet spy in exchange for an American pilot also had an influence on the relations. The bridge of spies is typical cold war situation outlining the struggle for power and spy activities which resulted in the arrest of American pilot that was negotiated by the starring for the release of soviet spy. The starring persuaded justice to the end despite hardships and overwhelming odds to ultimate achievement. The bond movies aped and presented the typical cold war situation and environment through its series. One major theme and element of cold war was the spy activities to gain information on military and other crucial information and capitalizing on it. The bond series of movies is hugely dominated by spy activities and lethal weaponry. The bond movies are also based on the cold war themes of lethal weaponry attacks like nuclear weapon. Therefore, these works of literature reveals the situation during this war time as well as shapes the culture and politics of countries.


The United States and Russia, formerly the Soviet states, have remained arch rivals for decade aftermath of the cold war. These two countries have consistently competed for power, resources and influence over other countries; consequently, making their relations to be frosty. Both the US and Soviet have made decisions and acted to offend or oppose each other in many occasions worsening the bilateral ties between the two nations. The leadership of Putin in Russia served to re-elevate the country’s status as a super power. Putin’s aggressive nature and autocratic leadership style has made the world to love and hate him in equal measures though commanding an overwhelming support by the people of Russia. Importantly, cold war has a devastating effect on economic growth of any particular country because there is lack of collaboration which is vital for research and exchange of technology. Excess production in one State cannot be exported to the other country where the demand is very high. In case of calamity, neighboring countries with frozen relations may fail to help in the recovery process. Therefore, it is important to work hand in hand with each other to spur economic growth and development.

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