The Concept Of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Every corporation and business organization is responsible for implementing the concept of corporate social responsibility in their daily operations. Brand integration with corporate social responsibility, on the other hand, is difficult to establish and maintain. However, after reading the essay, a thorough view of this viewpoint is produced and offered (Idowu et al. 2015). In this context, brand integration with corporate social responsibility should be carefully designed in order to benefit both the company organization and societal norms in terms of customers and stakeholders.  With concern to brand and corporate social responsibility, I chose the customer service brand, which an organization should involve itself in structured activities that credibly lead to consumers’ satisfaction as well as cater for the environment. Therefore, it should include both tangible and intangible approaches that will place the business organization in the forefront of other competing entities. In that context, therefore, it is crucial for the business entity to aim at creating a difference by working on declaring self-reputation, value, and reliability (Löber, 2012).

Theoretical Application

In that context, business should adapt the brand to people segments and needs through positive product evaluations, providing better choices and recommendations. The firms should also engage in good behavior that will bring out a positive social image in marketing. Linking the customer service brand to corporate social responsibility develops its value and personality through market differentiation due to the concept that it applies all the concepts of consumer and environmental impact as far as integration is concerned and stands out (Idowu et al. 2015). Therefore, for the achievement of this, there is the call to understand organizational activities and their implications as well as the CSR issues as they implicate on the organization’s moral intentions of business. Organizational activities also lead to enlightened corporate self-interest as far as customer service is concerned. Through the observance of all these accompanied by sampling, procedure analysis, and data collection evaluation, it is possible to develop a credible customer service brand based on corporate social responsibility issues.


Firms exhaust themselves in engaging in activities that will display them as being different from others through exemplary activities. They should, therefore, engage in aspects of data collection about the cultural societies that they serve, the environmental implications that they accompany their activities and come up with strategies of containing them within the desired standards. They should, therefore, engage in communication with intended consumers, consider different cultures of clients and consider geographical areas in their procedural set ups. Through this, there is assured progress regarding market coverage and wider reach out regarding recognition and service appreciation (Löber, 2012).

Moreover, I recommend this strategy of integrating customer service brand and corporate social responsibility in any business organization since it leads to the creation of a more elaborate business arena. This is about the continence of many both internal and external stakeholders of a firm. There is the creation of interest and value for consumers as well as stakeholders who view the implications of the firm to be aimed at satisfying their needs as far as their social norms and culture are concerned. Therefore, the application of this motive in business operations is a credible way of developing a contextual business operation since it considers the aspects of keeping he consumers well-being catered for, creating a sense of belonging to the stakeholders as well as ensuring that the social expectations of the firm are in respected and upheld (Lindgreen et al. 2011). Therefore, this application is a sound way of keeping a business firm differentiated from others in the business field by satisfying the general requirements that govern corporate social responsibility on a customer service brand.


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May 02, 2023

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