The Crimes of Columbus

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The Crimes of Christopher Columbus

The article by Denez Dsouza titled “The Crimes of Christopher Columbus” talks about racial discrimination by people of European descent towards those of African and Indian descent. Dsouza despises the organized liberalism by the Europeans, who term themselves as superior with their overtones of moral superiority. According to the author, schools and universities should encourage multiculturalism to expose younger generations to the cultures of people other than those in their immediate communities. However, the exposure should focus on the positive cultural aspects of these people. To appreciate the African and Indian communities, the multiculturalist should not dwell on the weaknesses of these cultures but advocate more on their strengths.

View on People of European Descent

Clearly, the author does not view people of European descent as purely racists. The article accuses Columbus and the West of the genocidal extermination to the Indians but it is clear in the article that the event is not a genocide since the transmission of the diseases was not deliberate. The defeat of the Indian tribes did not result from Europeans superiority but rather, the Indians’ ignorance and their paralytic obedience to the leaders. Dsouza clearly states that criticism on the Western seizure of Indian lands and abuse of their basic rights does not reflect their racist nature but is a practice that exists in all cultures. The article displays human sacrifice on the part of the Indians, the Europeans’ enslavement of their own, and the sale of Africans by their fellow Africans as slaves to the Europeans.

The Importance of Multiculturalism

The article relays the need for people of European descent to educate their children on the human equality of all. It displays multiculturalism as an important tool to end racial discrimination amongst people of different racial and ethnic groups. It clearly brings out the problems arising because of monoculturalism and Western superiority, such as discrimination against Africans and Indians in America. Nevertheless, the article fails to point out various facts such as the reality that the study of other cultures does not alleviate racism but rather, only the study of specific cultural aspects that help display a positive mental picture would. The article also argues that since all cultures are equal, the difference in wealth and achievement results from oppression and discrimination yet it can result from one’s view of work and wealth.

Works Cited

D’Souza, Dinesh. ”The Crimes of Christopher Columbus.“ First Things 57 (1995): 26-33.

November 13, 2023


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