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Racism and Racial Questions

Racism and racial questions are among the current problems being faced in many parts of the world, and as a result, they have sparked heated discussions in modern societies around the world. Many people have suffered greatly as a result of racial and ethnic prejudice. People's consistent misery as a result of prejudice prompted the need to devise a potential solution to counteract the impact. According to various scholars, the problem of racial/ethnic discrimination has impacted a large number of people (Diller, 2015). Among the important situation, racial/ethnic is observed in Latin where the white Latinos discriminate other people who were believed to be immigrants from Arabic state. Studies have shown that Arabs have undergone through ethnic as well as racial discrimination since there is considered as minorities. Data in the Arabic states indicates that there were preferences to end life among the existing five racial/ethnic groups where the end-of-life ranged between ages (50-83).

Organizations Formed to Fight Against Racial/Ethnic

As a result of increased discrimination, the need for coming up with organizations to fight for individuals' rights played a central role in saving the lives of the minorities, in particular Latinos and Arabs. Among the Latino organizations, they include the Initiative of Change Organization, which aims at bringing people together, despite their religion, customs or color differences, and its current work is uniting the people (Diller, 2015). However, the challenge comes in when some individuals in a particular group fail to comply with the stipulated rules of the organization. Conversely, there is also another organization called Palliative Care Organization with a mission of delivering equality among all people. The organizational statement is to protect the rights of every individual and is currently working to make peoples' lives better through free participation (Diller, 2015).


Summing up, the issue of racial/ethnic is a problem that has vastly affected the residents the Arabs as well as the Latinos people. The significant impact has been a retrogressive economy and lack of peace. However, the equality which plays an integral part in shaping the state has been neglected hence the redress for the entire issue through various organizations is important in linking people together.


Diller, J.V (2015) Cultural Diversity, a prime for human services, Stamford, Conn. Cengage Learning.

December 08, 2022

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