The Design of Sustainable Urbanism

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The Design of Sustainable Urbanism

The design of sustainable urbanism dictates how people live; connect with one another and also lifestyle factors. According to the sustainable urbanism article, “everyone has a range of life choices, people have the right to choose where to work, shop and who to live with.” The writer argues that the decision to choose a lifestyle will later ruin our relationship with another due to lack of knowledge on how other people perceive things. This has led to poor living and feeding habits leading to diseases like obesity. I do not agree with such sentiments because most people have benefited from choosing their way of life. People have had the opportunity to shape their lives and pursuing what makes them happy in terms of social, economic life.

Obesity and Lifestyle Choices

Obesity is associated with taking fatty foods, driving and spending most of the time indoors. I agree with this because after the launch of video games and affordable televisions and electronics, most people spend their time indoors. No one has the time to go for a walk or go to the gym. Children are addicted to playing video games and they no longer have time for outdoor activities like playing football, camping, and riding. However, I think this is a matter of self-control because there are many people who spend their time indoors but they never suffer cardiovascular disorders. Is it obvious that all people who spend time indoors are obese? Well, what matters is proper selection of meals and creating some time for metabolic activities like jogging and walking to refresh and keep active.

Vocational School and Sustainable Design

The vitamin green article pays attention to the evolvement of designs in simple goods and buildings. The vocational school designed by Anna Heringer is a true implication of combination of skills to come up with constructive structures. The walls are made of made of coco-fiber insulation and the other sections are made of bamboo. Although these are temporary structures, they can serve the intended purpose which is a clear indication of proper use of locally available materials. What could be the state of the buildings if the foundations were well-secured to avoid penetration of water? Well, it would be better if a membrane was provided to avoid the capillary action of water into the walls. The structures would last for even two decades.

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