The Islamic Heritage of The Alhambra

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The Alhambra represents an historic habitation in Islam. Built by the Muslim Monarchs of the 16th Century, the Alhambra depicts a heritage and a treasure of the Muslim Faith in line with the basic tenets of Islam, the Alhambra provides an avenue for prayer, the affirmation of one’s faith in the Almighty Allah, and the fulfillment of other Islamic rites.

            In line with basic Islamic tenets, the Shahada, which is the affirmation of one’s faith in Allah and the belief the prophet Muhammad is God’s messenger, is the 1st

pillar of Islam. In addition to this, prayer to God forms the basis of the 2nd

pillar of Islam. Salah, meaning prayer, is a divinely regulated precepts in Islam. Salah is required to the performed five times daily by Muslims. The Sawm is the third tenant in Islam. It involves fasting and it is designed to enable Muslims draw closer to God to seek forgiveness, and fulfill their religious tax obligations. Also, the Zakat forms the 4th

pillar of Islamic belief. This typically involves the given of alms and rendering of assistance within one’s capacity as an act of worship. In addition, the 5th pillar of Islamic belief is the Hajj (Macaulay). The Hajj is a religious trip to Mecca, during the month of Dhu-al-Hijaj. It is necessary for all Muslims to participate in this exercise at least once during lifetime.

            The Alhambra is a place of refuge for Muslims to fulfill the Islamic rites as stipulated by in the Hadith. Historically, the Alhambra was built by Muslim Monarchs in the 16th century to provide avenue of worship for Muslims. In fulfillment of the Shahada, the Alhambra represented an abode where individuals can affirm their faith in Allah. The Alhambra also afford Muslims the avenue to seek Allah’s forgiveness and direction for their daily life through the Salat.

            In conclusion, the pillars of Islam are the guides precepts laid down for Muslims, and the Alhambra is a traditional and religious heritage of Muslims that serves as an avenue for Muslims to draw closer to God.

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November 13, 2023

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