the diversity success strategy

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While there are obvious differences between individuals, such as financial skills, ethical backgrounds, race, and even sexual preference, there are certain aspects that bring people together. When it comes to emotions, for example, ethnicity, skin colour, or racial origin are irrelevant. Humans are wired to experience pleasure, agony, happiness, and passion in equal measure. Life and death, in particular, have the same effects on humans. My experience with a near-childbirth showed me that suffering affects all, and it does not worsen when skin colour darkens or lightens. I was busy minding my business and hurrying up to work one day that I realized that the black lady sited next to me on a bus was heavily pregnant. We talked for a while and she looked okay, without any distress. However, ten minutes into the journey, she started complaining of Braxton hicks. I had earlier on experienced my sister go through the same thing and I understood. At this time, she was crying and stretching out to me for help. Clearly, she was in pain. Her amniotic fluid started leaking and it became apparent that she was getting into labor. It downed on me that the lady was about to give birth, right in the bus besides me, and I had to be swift.

I hence approached the driver who called for emergency help from the police who managed to come with an ambulance and wheeled the patient away. That experience taught me that the pain of childbirth happens equally to all of us regardless of our financial background and even political affiliation. I also learnt the importance of living together in harmony and assisting when it is most needed. Perhaps if I ignored the lady, she would have collapsed before other passengers realized that she needed help and worse, lost her baby. I also learnt that as human beings, it is essential to cultivate relationships with different people because that is where one gains character.

December 08, 2022

Sociology Life

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