The Effect of Population Growth and Urbanization on Emergency Management

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Increased Population and Urbanization

Increased population and urbanization are two factors limiting emergency management. According to McEntire (2014), as the population grows, so does susceptibility. More residents are vulnerable to hazards as the population of a given region grows. Furthermore, there is an increase in the net demand for food and water, which increases the scarcity of the same as a result of droughts and famines. Furthermore, the author observes that controversy over available capital is likely to arise as a result of increased population. The related rise in population contributes to restricted resources in catastrophe, war, and emergency response. There is a net increase in the requirement for enhanced disaster management procedures, when compared to before.

Changes in Demographics

Changes in demographics accompany population growth. McEntire (2014) notes a corresponding increase in the population of the elderly. Such a population is not able to protect itself from natural disaster, a problem that radiates back to disaster management stakeholders. Urbanization, on the other hand, leads to increased congestion, susceptibility to flooding, less alternative routes, poverty and a compressed infrastructure. This problem can be best exemplified by the growth of coastal population, which inadvertently leads to increased human exposure to coastline related problems such as flooding, which can result to high fatality rates. Such requires more concerted efforts to mitigate the potential disasters.

Disaster Vulnerability and Emergency Management

In essence, urbanization and increase in population is touted to consequently lead to increased disaster vulnerability to human beings. In emergency management, it is important to ensure that enough resources are dedicated towards possible losses that can ensue when disaster strikes. Further, with such knowledge, disaster management personnel can be best able to handle disasters more efficiently, as prior planning is possible.



McEntire, D. (2014). Disaster Response and Recovery: Strategies and Tactics for Resilience. New Jersey: Wiley.

December 08, 2022

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