The Effects of Tattoos in the Workplace

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Anonymous. Ink blots; Tattoos in the workplace, The Economist ; London Vol. 412, Iss. 8898, (Aug 2, 2014): 22.

In the article (Inkblots; Tattoos in the workplace) by the Anonymous, the author’s main idea seems to focus on the issue of the tattoo and the effect it may have in our future especially focusing on different career paths. In addition to the above statement, the author seeks to clarify how the American society have highly embraced the culture and practice of the tattoos. More so, the author focusses on how the employers have viewed the issue of tattoos among the job seekers.

The idea of inking the body by tattoos has highly been rebelled by most of the employers as others are keener to rebel on the jobseekers, however, the job seekers have highly started noticing this new trend to avoid the employment of the employees with the inked body parts. In addition to the above statement, some of the employees have opted to the removal of the tattoos from their body to be employed “Some aspiring soldiers and other job seekers are solving the problem by getting their ink removed” (Anonymous pg.1).  More so, some of the employers have turned out the jobseekers who have come seeking the job. Additionally, the individual bearing the tattoo marks are regarded as rebellious people and a gang of criminals who carry weapons around with them. On the same token, employers perceive it as a way of being unprofessional at work. On the same note, individuals bearing tattoos have had a slower production despite having the same qualification with other employees.

Through this, other people have realized the danger the tattoo may have in their career jobs. As a matter of fact, they have decided to have the tattoos in invisible places “Banksy-inspired tableau covering both feet” (Anonymous pg.1) On the other hand, some of the employers have embraced the ideology of workers having tattoos at work, especially where the firm has customers of the young age. The individuals with tattoos are regarded to be more friendly and social at work.

In the bottom line, the article “Inkblots; Tattoos in the workplace” by the anonymous may be of great help to present and clarify the ideas carried by different employers pertaining the tattoos on their employees. On the contrary, the article presents both sides of the coin by presenting the views of other employers on how they perceive about other having employees with tattoos is a great attraction to the customers whereas the others have a different perception on how the individuals with tattoos are regarded as rebellious and unprofessional workers.

August 21, 2023

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