The Evolution of Courtship

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The Evolution of Courtship in Society

The book in question looks into the practices that surrounded courtship, their development through the years as well as the manner in which the courtship changed the society of the teenagers. Bailey, the author, points out the shift of courtship that existed between the 1920s and 1960s. The author provides the readers with the view of how the then-teenagers sought for their mates and the reason behind their behaviors. Besides, the author in question briefly highlights the impact of this change on the other individuals in the society as well as the economy. Notably, dating went from acts that were initially private in the homes to the later public affection within a few decades.

The System of Dating: 1920-1965

The book exhibits discussions of the system of dating that was valued and practiced between 1920 and 1965. Notably, there is an examination of the origin of dating that includes the conventions as well as the rituals that were employed in shaping the courtship of various generations of the youth of America. Hence, there is an analysis of both the beliefs as well as the understanding of the foundations to which dating was based. Furthermore, the author depicts the existing link between the courtship's private acts and the various changes in the society of America. The author forgoes the explanation of the multiple types of courtships but concentrates more on the exploration of essential themes that developed in the society of America. For instance, Bailey explores the internal logic of the courtship system and suggests how the constructs lent meaning to the personal experience. The author also examines the parallel changes that existed in the American culture and were carried out or propelled by the youth of the society. The author points out how the changes impacted the development of courtship system, which makes the book provide the readers with an insight entailing the system of dating in the 20th century. Bailey denotes the unfortunate fact of the current society's centering on sex as brought about by the changes in the system, which gave a lot of freedom in mate finding. Following the move of courtship to a public scene from the private home activities, individuals were given the freedom of acting in the manner they wanted. Moreover, the change aforementioned triggered competition in the finding of mates and the ladies sought popularity in the society through advice columns.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Book

The author fails to propose any changes for the system of dating that has lately been centered on the popularity as well as sex, which acts as the book's weakness. However, its strength involves the style of writing used, which makes the books easy to read. Essentially, the author explains the book's content in a concise manner, which gives the reader some heads up and psychological preparation as they go through the book. Besides, the themes presented in the book are quickly captured by the readers due to the excellent structure of the book. Importantly, the author leaves summaries after chapters, which is essential in the readers' understanding and mastery of the content of both the chapters read as well as the book in general. Additionally, its detailed content helps equip the reader with the insight into the transformation of courtship over the years and the effect of the same in the society, the economy as well as culture, which makes the book incredible.

November 13, 2023

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