The Four Steps of Ethical Decision Making

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Ethics: a four-step approach to ethical decision making

            The four steps of ethical decision making are vital steps that help to bring consensus between two parties who do not agree on a particular conflict of interest. These two parties may not be reaching an agreement because of the values that they believe in or religious beliefs they ascribe. These four steps will help both parties to come to terms which will see them achieve a goal that will be beneficial to all.

            The first step involves presenting a case by a patient, in this case, as the nurse is in charge, I will inform the mother of the child about what to do to save the child. He will give the mother facts that make the child have a blood transfusion.

            The second step is the analysis of the situation, my team and will have an amicable consultation if the kid ’s blood transfusion will be of importance and if not done what would be the consequences. It is at this step that my team and I will consult immensely, and the best-presented solution will be used in the blood transfusion.

            The third step involves discussion with the mother, the mother's decision of not allowing blood transfusion to the kid and mine are put into consideration.Both opinions are blended. With this new solution, we arrive at a formidable one.

            The fourth step constitutes the result of the decision reached by both parties. This step aims at the mother of the kid solution and the nurse’s solution for the blood diffusion to take place (Dorries, 2009). It brings both the mother and the kid to a standard resolution the will call the final treatment.

             There are instances where patients beliefs are entirely different with those of the nurse. In this kind of a case, I think it will be necessary to understand the patient's perception and the subject and then try in all ways possible using the four-step approach in arriving at a commonplace.

             In conclusion, the primary aim of this four-step approach is to produce a universal solution to the table between the mother of the kid and the nurse to avoid conflict and ensure each of them gains at the end.


Dorries, A. (2009, November 22). The Four Step Approach- Ethics case discussion in hospital. Retrieved from Diametros:

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