The greatest strength at work

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My biggest asset at work is my excellent listening abilities. My good listening capabilities have also played a critical role in my success as a project manager in a variety of other projects over the years. As a chief, I think it is important to ensure the successful activity of other team members. This can only be accomplished by ensuring the proper readiness of people for what will come next, as well as providing them with the skills they need to cope with the various unpredictable circumstances that define the job atmosphere. The communication skills are essential in situations whereby there is a necessity for the implementation of change in the organization. Adequate preparation of the other staff to take over and lead the organization or changing the attitude of other people concerning the change is essential. My communication skills thus often play a significant role in facilitating my capability to work with other staff towards achievement of the organizational objectives.

Through effective communication, I am able to promote teamwork in the organization. Teamwork is often essential for the achievement of the organizational objectives. Communication often facilitates the capability of an individual to build and sustain a great team. The ability to highlight to the staff of the significance of teamwork and its relation to the organizational objectives is an effective way of ensuring that the subordinates are able to share the same view and thus exhibit the preference for teamwork. Moreover, through the effective communication one is able to ensure maintenance of a strong and united team that is essential for the achievement of the organizational objectives. My strong communication skills often come handy in the resolution of problems that emerge during the operations and hence contributing to the maximization of success.

November 03, 2022

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