The Health Sector

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About the Development of the Health Sector in New York City

About the fact that the health sector in New York City has been underdeveloped for a long time, major construction programs have recently begun as a result of the new leadership; this means that you have also been a part of the development.

The Impact of Meal Choices on Your Health

Assume you were eating your usual meal at home this Friday while watching tv, and the food eaten might have some harmful effects on your stomach, based on the kind of meal. This is because some of you have got the opportunity to access the basic requirements of a meal, but in most instances, you exaggerate those requirements; specifically, oily foods. However, due to the state of underdevelopment in the health sector, there has not been a well-established education mass on the factors that may deteriorate someone's health status, especially in our meals. Luckily, the new leadership system is coming up with such programs that will ensure that awareness is created to the masses of their health requirements. To begin with, I would like to talk about the history of the health status of the New York City, the developmental projects that are being put up by the new leaders and your role in creating the developments as well.

The Growth of the Health Sector

The health sector has had a stunted growth in a while for the past few years; however, currently it is exhibiting a prevailing governmental department. Initially, the health department was not considered as a great public concern by the individuals who were responsible for the departments (Eyler, 316). As a result, the growth of the department was a thing of the past and the only depict able picture that came from the sector was merely the arrested development. In fact, there was no any sign of the health systems having an upgrade; however, presently the health sector is given much concern before any other sector in the governmental systems.

The Importance of Health in Political Leadership

The peoples' health has been, for a long time, a non-considered matter in the political leadership meetings, until the leaders have changed, the frequently discussed agendum is the health development projects and the fund allocations. Moreover, it is all about the best ways in which to improve the health sector and the peoples' health. The health department for a very long period of time has been tumbling in a rocky road, however in its recent years it is regaining its concerns and popularity among other vital departments in the city. Despite the poor healthcare systems and poor health programs in the history, the future of the health sector is quite promising and reliable.

The Election of Good Leaders

The election of good leaders by the people has provided a forum for the health department to get into the top of the departments of concern (Bna Pensions & Reporter, 1670). When you were given the opportunity to analogize, you decided on the best individuals who can foster the development of the city and are to be described as leaders and not the past misleaders who ought to be referred so due to their actions. Finally, allow me to cut short this great talk of our health system by giving my few final thoughts and remarks.

A Promising Future for the Health Sector

I showed to you that the history of the health sector in New York City has been unpredictable and unreliable. Similarly, I explained to you the new technological advancements and the development projects taking place in the health sector currently. Personally, I did some comparisons of the health sector developments and other sectors in the governmental systems that are also crucial to the people. Therefore, any time you are going to be taking your meal, do not forget to keep tuning into your television as well because there will be a program teaching on the effects of oily foods and other health related topics. In conclusion, a good leadership thought, deserves a whole world recovery in a day.


Eyler, John M. Sir Arthur Newsholme and State Medicine, 1885-1935. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ Press, 2002. Print.

Bna Pension &benefits Reporter. Washington, D.C: Bureau of National Affairs, 1993. Print.

January 05, 2023

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