The Impact of 3D Printing Technology on Business Model Innovation

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The article by Rayna and Striukova (2015) addresses the general international statement about 3D printing technology, which will become the next big achievement among technological revolutions that are impacting business. The article written is in the form of a literature review research presents an abstract that summarizes the information covered in the article with the thesis statement that: “3D printing technologies have the potential to change the way business model innovation is carried out, by enabling adaptive business models and by bringing the ‘rapid prototyping’ paradigm to business model innovation itself” (Rayna and Striukova, 2015, p. 214).

The article title is not appropriate and clear because it should mention the part about how 3D is disrupting business models since this topic takes a large portion of the article (Haberle, 2017). The abstract is specific and representative, and the purpose is clearly stated within the introduction, however, the authors do not mention about any limitations of their research. Additionally, Rayna and Striukova (2015) make the assumption that the adoption of 3D technology has taken place in four successive phases, namely rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, digital manufacturing and home fabrication (Tongur and Engwall, 2014; & Wolter and Veloso, 2008).

Personal Opinion

I agree with the arguments made by the authors despite some discrepancies within the article. For instance, based on the mentioned purpose of the article, the introduction and overview sections of the article are a longer than necessary. The review of the adoption stages takes a large part of the article while much of the content should focus on the disruption effects of the technology and how it is changing innovation of business models (Wright, 2001). As well, the authors notably include references that are not pertinent literature, that is, websites, for instance the reference by Watercutter (2011). Additionally, the authors do not provide a clear future direction or proposal for research on the topic of the impact of 3D technology on business (Baden-Fuller and Haefliger, 2013; Sosna, Trevinyo-Rodrguez and Velamuri, 2010).


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January 19, 2024

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