The Impact of Population Diversity in America

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As highlighted by the author, diversity is a fundamental aspect to understand in order to develop more knowledge concerning the United States. The story of United States revolves around the interaction of different races that migrated to US for different reasons. The author makes an interesting argument by comparing the interaction of different races in America to different colors and patterns in a quilt or tapestry. The existence and mixing of different races in United States makes it more attractive and successful. The increased diversity in US has facilitated the expansion of the economic growth through improvement of the problem-solving potential. The immigrants more often exercise the entrepreneurial spirit that fosters economic development.

United States as a land of opportunities

United States is referred to as a land of opportunities by the interwoven tapestry which is highly represented in the diverse ideas and thoughts of people from different races. United States is a truly a "melting pot" of different cultures and races as it accommodates people from different religions, races, and countries who are determined to find new opportunities and freedom. However, the white race or the Native Americans have considered themselves superior to other races an aspect that has prevented the immigrant races from finding the freedom and better life they longed for due to discrimination. American are becoming more diverse and less white as they are focused on chasing the American dream of achieving high economic growth levels for the country. American has become "a land of free" facilitated by the interaction of different religions, traditions, beliefs, and cultures. An American may be described as a person has a refuge in the land and continues to benefit from the opportunities. The fundamental questions to ask are; what is impact of population diversity in America? And how can diversity be enhanced in America?

November 24, 2023



Race and Ethnicity

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