The Impact of the Pax Mongolica on Sub-Saharan Africa

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Some years back, Khan and his nomadic armies happened to make an immigration from Country Mongolia and make an occupation of Europe. Therefore some influences were experiences as follows;

Negative impacts caused

The Mongols used force to evade the Europeans and took power over the state through the assistance of their strong and fully armed armies which the Europeans could not fight back. Usually, when time to be conquered arrives, there must be some groups or communities that will always tend to resist and such was seen in this case where the Mongols sent their armies to such states that wiped out the whole place to the extent of confiscating their property and livestock.

Another threat experienced was the outbreak of deadly diseases that came from Central Asia and Eastern Europe. This disease was known as the bubonic plague which really affected both the Europeans and the Mongols and followed them throughout their various routes of trade.

Positive impacts caused

Despite the attack by diseases and terrorism, historians, later on, called the Pax Mongolica one of the Centuries that peace really fell onto the land. The peace that was experienced later o lead to the opening of some great mutual connectors such as the Silk Road Training rout which connected China and Europe.

Cultural Integration

Through the Pax Mongolica, there came very easy communication channels and therefore information, knowledge and cultural identity was therefore encountered. Through this, we realized that citizens were now free to express their culture by having the freedom to express their religious culture by joining various religions such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, among others.

Comparison of the appearance of Islam and Christianity in Sub Saharan Africa

In comparison to the appearance of Islam and Christianity in the Sub Saharan Africa, it can be confirmed that 86% of those dominating the area can admit that they are fully Islams and Christians. If we can draw back, we can ascertain that many of the Africans never practiced the Islamic or Christianity of Buddhism type of religion but after the Mongolic trade, we are able to announce that it diversified the Citizens to the extent of transforming from the African Religions to adopting their various cultures that were of their interest.


Some of the major differences or gaps that existed in this case were that despite their faith, there are some Sub Saharan Africans who make their arguments that the two religions tend to be too much democratic which looks so much amazing but on the other side, there is a group which thinks that their leadership and rules are well stated on the Bible and the Sharia Laws hence should not be interfered with. At the same time, there are those groups that support the Muslim forms of punishment while others are fully against their way of stoning persons found to have committed the adultery crime.

In further explanation, despite all the transformations, there were some cultures that were very hard to change on both the Islam and the Christian communities. Some of the cultures that never changed were such as the marriage rights and vows, none among the two communities tolerated adultery and in case one was found to commit this type of evil, there were severe punishments which were to be done immediately. Another change that remained constant was the great respect and adoration of the religion amongst other acts in the society. Religion or faith was considered very much paramount and had to come first before any other thing life employment and the rest.

November 13, 2023

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