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181 views 3 pages ~ 615 words
The Rise of The Umayyad Dynasty

The Umayyad dynasty ruled over most of the Islamic world in the years 661-750 CE (Hodgson 217). Non-Muslims enjoyed auto...

90 views 5 pages ~ 1323 words
Tarik's Address to His Soldiers, 711 CE

The document, “Tarik’s address to His soldiers, 711 CE, from The Breath of Perfumes by Ahmed al-Maqqari,” is a translati...

276 views 3 pages ~ 589 words
The Impact of the Pax Mongolica on Sub-Saharan Africa

Some years back, Khan and his nomadic armies happened to make an immigration from Country Mongolia and make an occupatio...

211 views 10 pages ~ 2606 words
Southeast Asia and Islam

Muslims make up an estimated 1.3 billion of the world's populace. Around 60% of them are thought to reside in Asia. Musl...

109 views 7 pages ~ 1887 words
What makes Umayyad Cordoba special?

One of the most effective dynasties to govern the vast Muslim empire was the Umayyad. The Umayyads were initially ruled ...

286 views 2 pages ~ 358 words
Western Civilization and Islam Essay

Muhammad, a well-known figure, is credited with founding the faith of Islam in the seventh century. Muhammad, a well-kno...

138 views 7 pages ~ 1679 words
The Middle East Essay

With the exception of Israel, the region of the Islamic world that extends from North Africa to Central Asia, the Persia...

213 views 3 pages ~ 665 words
Writing on slavery: David Baron Davis

David Baron Davis emphasizes the problems with slavery in his writing on the subject through his discussion of various t...

276 views 6 pages ~ 1540 words
The Islamic Development Bank

Most, if not all, businesses and organizations have a vision, which is a series of objectives or simply a single aim of ...

225 views 9 pages ~ 2328 words
The Religion Of Islam

After Catholic Christianity, Islam has the second biggest number of adherents. France has the highest number of Muslims ...

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