The Importance of Immigrants in America

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Migration to the USA is associated with some factors that are forcing people from their homelands to take great risks to reach America. Persecutions based on race, religion and political differences in their home countries are driving people out. The immigrants are striving to find better living conditions in American soil where they feel safe and free. American constitution offers protection and asylum to people of all races, divers religions and political affiliations (KEEGAN).

            Poverty, violence and conflicts which continues to destabilize many third world countries have seen ballooning of migrants to America. Third world countries are facing harsh climatic conditions such as drought deprive countries an opportunity to engage in agriculture and supply of food. Violence also arising from both civil and political differences among the leaders adds the burden on its citizens. Owing to the opportunities of peace in America people free from their own countries. Moreover, diseases such as Ebola, malaria, cancer and other fatal diseases are making people migrate the USA where superior healthcare can be accessed (Christina Nuñez).

            America is an advanced industrialized country with vast opportunities for work. Sectors of economy ranging from healthcare, commerce, food, textile, education and agriculture provide ready opportunities to migrants to secure employment, education and to venture into profitable businesses. Equality of all and embracing diversity is a very attractive factor in America to people seeking asylum.

            Documented immigrants in America are skilled. In the race to get the talented employees immigrants provide the ready labor useful in building the USA economy. Immigrants assist the country’s business to become agile, adaptive and profitable. The government cashes in from the immigrants through taxes, levies and tariffs. The diversity that immigrants brings in America adds to the gist citizens dynamism. Unskilled immigrants are vital in helping out on manual jobs in construction, agriculture and service industries. American economies thrive through the immigrants (Goldin).


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November 13, 2023


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