The Importance of Immunization

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Today immunization has become a compulsory aspect in the life of any individual, thanks to the emergence of new technology that has greatly helped in improving immunization.  This has been a free program in most countries with aims of ensuring citizens in those particular countries live a healthy life free from diseases alongside other  infant programs especially those related to nutrition (Meites, 2016). This has seen infant mortality rates reduce by large percentages in most countries for the past one to two decades across the world.

Vaccines operate like training courses for the immune systems whereby they prepare the body to be in an appropriate position to fight diseases without necessarily exposing the body to particular symptoms characterized by these diseases. Therefore when bacteria, viruses or other foreign materials invade the body, the immune cells actively play it’s a role by producing antibodies of protein molecules that fight the invaders commonly referred to as antigens (Nunes et al, 2016). This process occurs to any other invaders since the human body is capable of producing over one million antibodies which are capable of fighting different type’s antigens at any time they invade the body.

 Modern vaccines are very crucial to vaccinations compared to the traditionally made vaccines which you as a parent should never worry about its effects on your newly born child. The modern vaccines unlike traditional vaccines that did not appropriately produce vaccines for organism grown in the culture, provide specific immunization to a specific organisms coupled with no side effects to the newly born child ( Nunes et al, 2016). In addition to that these bio-technologized vaccines have elements that are responsible for prevention of all the diseases that are commonly known to affect the newborns. Therefore with these modern vaccines, the probability of having a healthy and safe child free from antigens is always 100 percent which is very important for your child. In addition to that, currently the traditional vaccines have been purified and improved through isolation of antigens that were initially available in the pathogenic organisms from foreign invaders.  

Being a citizen of the United States of America, children are usually immunized against a wide variety of diseases that have been known to be dangerous to the growth and development of children (Meites, 2016). Diphtheria is a common disease that children are immunized against using the  diphtheria vaccine, chicken pox is immunized using  chicken pox vaccine, mumps is immunized by MMR vaccines, Rotavirus immunized with Rota Teq vaccine, Pneumococcal disease  which is caused by Streptococcus pneumonia

immunized  pneumococcal conjugate vaccine and whooping cough also known as Pertussis which is immunized using the  DTaP Vaccine. The DTaP vaccine is also used in the immunization of children against Diptheria and Tetanus (Berhane, 2016). Measles is another disastrous disease among babies where children are immunized using the  MMR vaccine, Hib using  Hib vaccine, Rubella using the MMR vaccine, Polio using the Polio vaccine and  Influenza using the flu vaccine. This is just among the numerous disease that affect children and is immunized in the United States of America.

Over the past years, vaccines have impacted positively to the lives of people in not only the United States but also in the whole world.  There have been large percentages of reduced mortality rates across various countries in the world where vaccines have been applicable especially in countries where vaccination is a free exercise (Healy, Montesinos, & Middleman, 2014). Reduction of child mortality rates by effectively fostering safe and free immunization programs is a moral obligation for all members of the international community. In addition to that most governments have initiated these programs accompanied with no expense to most parents with expectations that each and every child is protected from these particular diseases that may end up affecting his or her future.

There is scientific evidence to prove this particular information apart from the increase population being recorded in most countries despite the existence of the family planning programs that are also available. Infant mortality rates have decreased globally at an approximate rate of 64.8 deaths  as per 1000 births during the year 1990 to a rate of 30.5 rate as per 1000 births in the year 2016 (Berhane, 2016). This is an indication that vaccination has greatly played an effective role in ensuring that babies and newly born infants are protected from these diseases which have been reducing year after year until the attainment of this rate.

Therefore you can access these services for your baby at various public health institution and hospitals which offer vaccines for free alongside various advices on how to protect and ensure that your child stays a free and healthy life. In addition to that, there are some licensed institutions private health institutions that provide these services to your babies (Healy, Montesinos, & Middleman, 2014). It is important for you to be able to abide by all the prescriptions provided by the medical practitioners in these institutions which are commonly referred to as dosage. For effective immunization, the child has to be dosed with a complete prescription from the practitioners. Despite them being necessary for your newly born babies growth, is also an obligation by most governments.


Immunization is a crucial element that all parents ought to undertake immediately the give birth to their babies. With the low immunity that infants have, artificial immunity is integral in boosting the entire immunity of the child protecting it from various diseases for the betterment of its life. Therefore as a parent, visit various health institutions and ensure that your baby undergoes the entire prescription of immunization dose as well as other professional advice with regards to a how immunization and the health of your baby is concerned.


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