The Importance of Mass Media in America

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In order to get the information of what is happening in and around the world, I prefer watching television news or even the internet where I can get latest news which is uploaded within an hour’s time of its occurrence. Watching news on the television has been an old practice among Americans unlike the younger generation who prefer surfing the same on the electronic devices and gadgets. Around 55% of the American population prefers watching current events and news on the television. Other mediums through which news and latest information can be known are print newspaper, internet and radio, etc (Saad). 

Television is primary news source for young adults as well as older people. I would trust all the information provided in the television news channel since all news channels carry a big brand name. If they showcase wrong information or tamper with any news then the same can have major impact on the trust with which the Americans trust people and their information. There is however no lack of trust when I use news channel for seeking information of things happening around me. Therefore, there is no tampering of information according to me when it comes to using news channels (Bergman).

News media can make its way to regain trust of the Americans by improving the credibility crisis and removing any mistrust that occurs in the minds of the viewers. It is sad but true that a vast majority of Americans do not trust the media and media reporting. The ideas that news media and news channels can use for regaining their trust are by becoming more transparent and open, helping people solve their problems by publishing and showing correct news, connecting with all areas in America including its rural areas as well. Other aspects are restoring communities around the actual news and integrating with better news coverage, etc(Ashdown 681-683).

Future of mass media is the new generation team of news searchers who don’t just work for profit but work for gathering latest news and information. Even digital experts promise that social media would be playing an important role when it comes to future of mass media. The history of media has indeed marked the beginning of new era and media will soon bounce back into the news and make people comfortable (Ashdown 681-683).

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August 01, 2023
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