The Importance of Music in Society

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Music session 1: Quatre Petites Pieces pour Clarinette et Cor, op. 173

            The very first performance of the music piece titled Quatre Petites Pieces pour Clarinette et Cor, op. 173 was good. The two performers had an incredible mastery of using the French horn and the clarinet. It was amazing to hear how they fused and the two instruments in every piece very and still managed to pull an excellent timbre. At some points it took the two performers a lot of time to shift from one part to another. Despite the time taken to adjust from one point to the other, the audience attention was not deterred. All in all, this session was excellent.

Music session 2:  Elegiac Trio

            The Elegiac Trio was performed by three instrumentalists, the trio had a perfect fusion and harmony of the violin, piano and the clarinet. One fantastic thing about this performance was the ideal use of crescendo and decrescendo. The rise and fall of the polyphonic sounds filled the hall and it depicted the excellent use of the instruments and consonance. Proper coordination of the tools made the whole performance harmonious and the audience enjoyed throughout the performance.         However, at some point the piano pitch was much louder than the rest of the rest of the instruments. It called for harmonic blending of all the music apparatus.



                                    Music session 3: Duetto buffo di due Gatti

            Two ladies performed Duetto buffo di duetto Gatti. This piece is a duet and unlike other performances that were instrumental, it was a bit peculiar given the fact that it was in Italian. The dissonance amused the better part of the audience in the voices. At some point they portrayed cat voices thrilling the audience. Despite all the challenges of comprehending the message in the song, there was one outstanding aspect of this performance and that was the cadence in their vocals. It was evident in the manner that they comfortably varied the pitch. It is equally important to note that there was an excellent crescendo but at some point it became extreme hurting the ears. It will be better to have intelligent control of the volume range in the future performances to avoid dissonance.

                                                Music session 4: Terzettino

            Three performers perform Terzettino. It is primarily instrumental; a harp, violin and clarinet are the instruments used for this particular piece. One outstanding thing about Terzettino was the quality of timbre. The three devices are identifiable in part. Very different from other performances where there is a mix-up in the sounds produced by the music apparatus, this particular one had good use of the tools. The overall performance of Terzettino was good and it proved that the performers had a good knowledge of using the devices together with the musical notes. The mastery of the music notes is one way of executing a perfect performance (Kantor). It is an absolute truth given the fact that the performers in this piece had taken into consideration the good use of the notes.


            In conclusion, despite the few hitches during the sessions, the general performance was excellent. In fact there is room for future improvement for the better experiences of such a performance. The overall use of the instruments was fantastic in all the pieces performed and everybody enjoyed the performance. The success of any musical performance depends on the whole context of production.


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