The Importance of Project Management

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The three typical project features include; 1) description of the project scope to be undertaken.  This is a vital feature as it states the timeline and the requirements of the given or stated project and serves as guidance. 2) Proper schedule/phases. This includes; tasks to be done, availability of resources and given timeframe. Through this a project can be conducted accordingly to beat the deadline and meet the project demand.3) milestone(s). This is important in a project as it offers the major reason for the stated project and its goal.

Steps in creating a project plan include; scope of the project, milestone of the project, resources needed and assumptions.

Question 2

A communication plan consists of, a plan that is created under project management to determine which type of information will be initiated and to which party.

A communication plan may include different ways of communication to pass information. For example, under a construction site, electronic communication systems can be used to pass information e.g. radio calls, emails and automated texts (Rouse, 2018).

Question 3

Resource plan requires massive information to know what the project entails. For example, if a project needs 15 folk lifts, 10 Lorries and cables. These requirements must be listed for each of their purpose to help account for them during budget allocation. 

Question 4

Project quality management plan includes all activities of the overall project and how it will be undertaken. Some of the features include; quality assurance which evaluates the progress of the project at all times. Quality planning which makes sure that, relevant quality standards will be met and archived by the project. Quality control monitors that the project has complied with the given standards.

Question 5

A risk plan is a risk management option that is used to foresee any risks in a project. A risk plan includes potential risk identification, ways to prioritize any risks and determine the best response plan to these risks (Mun, 2015).


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