The Importance of Project Management

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Project management plays an imperative role in ensuring the projects not only become functional throughout their stipulated economic lives, but also successfully fulfill the objectives in for which they were set up to for (Bresnen, 2016). Better project management institutions though very rare greatly help in the development of individual employees sound enough to appropriately implement and monitor various projects are appropriately in place.


It is clear that as companies continue to expand and adopt new projects to aid revenue generation, project management is an integral element is ensuring that these projects exhibit the expected returns on investment. Although in most organizations project managers are no longer recognized when better results are recorded, they are behind the entire process of product production. Therefore individual emphasis has to be placed towards practice and implementation of project management skills through appropriate tool adoption and incorporation to avoid having unrealistic projects that end up portraying poor results. Ina addition to that the coming of the new technology, has not adversely affected project management but instead boosted its existence in the society (Bresnen, 2016). This is because the new technology has created automations in the industry but has not affected goals, resources and products. Therefore each and every individual at the work place has a given opportunity to manage his or her projects as well company’s projects. Having worked as a project manager at a local firm, there exist challenges that project management faces especially when it comes to supporting by provision of required resources by organization. It is should be remembered that the inability of a project to fulfill its objectives is due to various unsupportive factors, associated with poor project management strategies.


Therefore projects success is directly dependent on the competence of various individuals in charge of projects as project manager. As firms face various changes as a result of changes in technology, it is important for the adoption of new and appropriate project management skills which will be necessary for the survival of various projects.


Bresnen, M. (2016). Institutional development, divergence and change in the discipline of project management. International Journal f Project Management, 34(2), 328-338.

October 24, 2023



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