The Importance of Safeguarding the Welfare of Children

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Safeguarding the welfare of children involves ensuring that the children are protected and kept safe by every individual who is given the responsibility of looking after them. It involves protecting the children from anything that can negatively affect their emotional, cognitive, psychological and physical well-being and ensure that children grow within safe and effective care.

Children are predisposed to illnesses more than adults; this is because their immune system is weak and developing. Identifying the symptoms and signs of disease is critical for every parent to protect the health of their children. The most common sign and symptom of infections among children are running nose, sneezing, and coughing; these indicate that a child may be suffering from a common cold which occurs when the children inhale dust pollen or cold. Coughing is commonly caused by cold, and it decreases by itself, however, the persistent cough may result from conditions such as asthma, whooping cough or slowing of foreign objects. Most serious coughs are characterized by symptoms including; breathing problems, high temperatures, pale skin and tiredness and discomfort (The 5 Most Common Childhood Illnesses).

 Most children also experience high body temperature; high body temperatures indicate that the body is fighting some infection. Diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting are also symptoms of illnesses in children; vomiting is attributed to overfeeding, rapid subsequent coughs may also cause vomiting especially when the children are feeding. Diarrhoea in young children results from feeding on dirt leading to a stomach infection and bacterial infections. Children often develop rushes and spots on their skins, in most cases, rushes may emanate from an excessive hit or as an allergic reaction to specific allergens. However, rushes may also indicate early stages of chicken pox which develop into pimples with redness. Chickenpox is also characterized by others symptoms including high fever and temperature. A sore throat is also a common sign of child illness, viral illnesses including cold and flue cause the condition. It leads to a dry throat and at a serious stage it causes problems in swallowing, breathing, swollen neck, and fever (The 5 Most Common Childhood Illnesses).

Children often become ill while not under the care of their parents, it is essential to take the appropriate measure to ensure that they feel well. The first step is to establish whether the illness is severe or minor. Minor ailments are treated within the setting while the serious illnesses require visiting the hospital. The child’s temperatures are taken to establish whether they have a fever or not, the nominated supervisor is informed of the child’s condition. The child is then taken to an observatory room where the symptoms are observed and monitored. While the child is in the observatory, the parent should be informed about their child’s condition. If the state of the child escalates, they should be taken to the hospital for further treatment.

Child abuse occurs through intentional mistreatment of a person aged eighteen years and below. Child abuse causes a wide range of impacts on children including psychological physical and emotional. Types of child abuse include sexual abuse, neglect, physical abuse, and emotional abuse. Physical abuse happens when a child is hit, burnt, thrown into the water, tied against certain objects and thrown and the body is harmed. Physical abuse signs and symptoms include mysterious injuries, fractures, burns, bruises and many marks on the body; in extreme cases, children may lack some parts of their body, physical disability and premature death (Child Abuse).

 Sexual abuse occurs when an individual performs any sexual activity with a child; sexual harassment occurs when an individual force a child to take part in any pornographic actions, has any sexual activity with a child and sends sexual messages to a child. It also includes making sexual jokes and looking at a child inappropriately. The signs of sexual abuse include child pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, inappropriate sexual contact with peers, blood in the child’s underwear, fear of the opposite sex and withdrawal from the public (Child Abuse and Neglect: The Four Main Types).

Emotional abuse occurs when a person repeatedly does things that can harm a child emotionally. Such behaviours include failure to portray love and affection to the child, use of inappropriate language to the child or in the presence of the child, yelling at the child, body shaming the child, belittling their effort and ignoring them. The signs of emotional abuse include low self-esteem, depression, poor performance in school, loss of development skills, social segregation and delayed cognitive and emotional development (Child Abuse). Neglect child abuse emanates lack of care and support to the child by the caregiver. Negligence occurs when the caregiver fails to provide food, shelter, clothing and medical care to the child. The signs of child neglect include poor hygiene, reduced attention, weak growth and development, lack of proper clothing and stealing (Child Abuse and Neglect: The Four Main Types).

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