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231 views 3 pages ~ 743 words
Causes and Effects of Child prostitution

The issue of child prostitution is widespread, particularly in developing countries. Child prostitution is a problem aro...

296 views 6 pages ~ 1559 words
About Conflicting Viewpoints

Quite often, an individual is obliged to engage in critical thinking before reaching a decision regarding a certain subj...

136 views 7 pages ~ 1758 words
The Immorality of Sex for Money

Regardless of age, sex is a topic that has been extensively covered and is well known to most people. Many people have s...

94 views 2 pages ~ 388 words
Prostitution and its Decriminalization

Prostitution is being decriminalized in response to the growing HIV/AIDS pandemic and concerns about the mistreatment of...

98 views 2 pages ~ 433 words
Prostitution Legalization

I firmly believe that decriminalizing prostitution is a good idea. Several thorough and logical arguments that aim to fu...

267 views 5 pages ~ 1256 words
The Legalization of Prostitution

The notion of legalizing prostitution has been a contentious topic in the United States, sparking several controversies....

345 views 4 pages ~ 867 words
The Al Capone Business

The Al Capone Business had an extremely high overhead. Most of the gang money was spent on payoffs to law enforcement, aldermen, and judges....

112 views 6 pages ~ 1428 words
Society's Social Problems

The key point and interpretation of the article are based on the nature of threats that sex workers depend on to make mo...

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