The Importance of Shared Leadership

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Managers tend to embrace the process, seek control and prefer to solve problems as fast as possible without sufficient due diligence. On the other hand, leaders are more tolerant and are slow in resolving issues. Leadership should be a shared process since one individual cannot have all the answers and solutions to all problems. Good and knowledgeable followers also perform leadership roles to help out their leader when called upon. Therefore, leadership is two ways and for a leader to be effective, he must create a healthy relationship with the followers. A manager focuses on control and rationality and a leader focuses on directing affairs. When leadership is a shared process, followers have a sense of belonging and give their leader all the support he needs. Also, when all team members are involved in decision making, the team is more cohesive and united. When leadership is a shared process, the decision-making process is slow but the process is efficient and effective with a small margin for error.

Shared leadership maximizes all human resources by giving various team members different leadership posts. Therefore individuals are empowered and given an opportunity to develop their leadership skills. I Am interested in sharing leadership since leadership gives me an opportunity to face new career challenges on a daily basis. I will have a group of people waiting for me to guide them and hence I have to step up. Shared leadership provides a learning platform and grooms e for future leadership positions. Furthermore, it gives me an opportunity to be directly involved in the top leadership of the organization. My ideas are channeled to top leaders for consideration and if they are good enough, they are implemented.

College students can develop their leadership skills by attending a college course. The majority of scholars argue that leaders are mostly born and it is hard to make a leader through a college course. However, instructors in college help students develop skills and attitudes that mold them into effective leaders. These skills help them to become more confident and learn how to efficiently work with others in a team. Also, these college courses enable an individual to know themselves, they are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. With self-knowledge, they are able to identify areas that they need to improve in in order to become a better human being and better leaders. Furthermore, leadership college courses educate students on values that are important to professional success. Hence, students learn how to act with integrity and also develop their personal values in accordance with what they believe in. therefore, with the right mentality and focus on what kind of a leader one wants to be, college courses can mold an efficient leader.

A good leader is defined by his or her principles and the ability to understand and work with people. These principles remain the same irrespective of the environment or the field. Therefore a good leader remains as efficient and effective even if they are moved to a different place or position. The leader just needs a moment to understand what is required of them by top management and by the followers. Moreover, he needs to understand the organizational culture of the new organization and the new colleagues since the same leadership style they used in their previous position may not work in the new position. Therefore, they should devise a new style for the new position. A good leader has the ability to adjust and fit into a new environment or position. If a leader finds it difficult to fit in a new position, then he lacks some qualities of a good leader.

October 24, 2023

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