The Importance of Stem Cells in Human Body

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Understanding Stem Cells

Understanding how the same kind of stem cell produces different results under various conditions is somewhat complicated. However, it is more complicated how a stem cell the size of a dot develops to be an entirely established fetus. This article expounds about stem cells by describing them in details and openly displaying their uniqueness from other cells of the human body. It further differentiates the various types of stem cell including pros and cons for the different types. Additionally, the essay assesses the use of this approach in diseases treatment focusing on injuries of the spinal cord.

Describing the Biology of Stem Cells and Its Uniqueness Comparing to Other Cells

Stem cells can grow into various altered cell forms in the human physique throughout first existence and development through differentiation process. On the other hand, the description is cells that are unspecialized and undedicated toward performing a specific function. They are knowledgeable of isolating and refurbishing themselves for an extended duration (Boido et al., 2014). It is worth noting that other specialized cells cannot replicate themselves like the stem ones. Moreover, the stem cells may spring growth to specific components including the heart muscle microorganisms and the red blood cells through the process of differentiation. During the process above, the cell undergoes several steps whereby it becomes more skilled with each stage.

Different Kinds of Stem Cells and Their Pros and Cons

An embryonic stem microorganism is a kind of stem cell obtained from the inner blastocyst in human beings. Its advantages are giving rise to cells that are more specialized; these specialized cells will give rise to the entire body (Boido et al., 2014). However, when developed in special laboratory conditions, they retain the properties of a pluripotent, meaning they cannot give rise to the placenta and umbilical cord. Adult stem cells or somatic cells that one may call tissue-specific cells that are more specialized than the embryonic stem cells. Their advantage is their capability of replacing lost microorganisms from tissues. However, they are challenging to find in the human physique, and they do not merely self-renew.

A mesenchymal stem cell is another type of stem cells with the capacity to make bone, tendon, and fat cells making it ideal for spinal cord injuries (Boido et al., 2014). However, their immunosuppressive possessions and little immunogenicity add to a condensed or destabilized immune reaction. Induced pluripotent cells are stem cells engineered in the laboratory. They help scientists learn more about diseases onset and progression, and standard developments. They assist in developing and testing new drugs and therapies. Being dissimilar is their disadvantage.

Using Stem Cells to Treat Spinal Cord Injuries

The most significant task of the humankind stem cell is the generation of tissues necessary for cell-based treatments. Positive results of the study show using mesenchymal stem cell relocation is a possible healing approach for spinal cord compression model (Boido et al., 2014). However, the necessity for transferable organs and tissues outshines the source. Stem cells focused on segregating into particular types of cells make it possible to renew basis of standby tissues and cells to cure ailments like spinal cord injury and many others.


Without stem cells in human bodies, it would be impossible to heal once one loses body tissue parts. For instance, in an accident, when a part of the skin comes off, due to bruising, the cells help in the healing process. The stem cells with their ability to give rise to specialized cells give rise to the cuticle thus enabling people to heal and recover. If they were nonexistent, reproduction would be impossible. It is because, after fertilization, the embryonic stem cells are the ones which increase development of particular cells. These cells will then give rise to the whole body.


Boido, M., Garbossa, D., Fontanella, M., Ducati, A., & Vercelli, A. (2014). Mesenchymal stem cell transplantation reduces glial cyst and improves functional outcome after spinal cord compression. World Neurosurgery, 81(1), 183-190.

August 09, 2023




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