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International Relations and Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

International relations is a discipline of political science that studies the interactions of various governments in the global system, as well as the interactions of people whose acts originate in specific countries and are consequently targeted by residents of other nations. As a result, it attempts to explain the behaviors that occur across state borders (Smith et al. 101).

International relations are critical to the peaceful cohabitation of nations, as well as assisting countries in dealing with global concerns such as terrorism and promoting different human culture through programs such as cultural exhibitions.

Radicalization and the Threat to International Relations

Radicalization among Muslims is, however, a significant threat to the success of international relations with Muslim countries experiencing a massive proliferation of nuclear weapons. This radicalization poses the danger of an eruption of warfare which could destabilize the international relations. Efforts to champion for non-proliferation of the atomic weapon have been ongoing since after the Second World War. A treaty on Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons was signed in 1968 which obligated the original five nuclear weapons states from transferring nuclear weapons or technologies to non-nuclear states (Mozley and Robert 59).

Governments have made strides in controlling proliferation by signing bilateral and multilateral treaties with the aid of intergovernmental organizations like the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The US and Opposition to Nuclear Weapons Development

Due to this proliferation and radicalization in the Muslim world, the US would be wise to oppose any attempt to develop nuclear weapons by the Muslim nation. Most Muslim countries experience a lot of political instability, and thus these weapons of mass destruction can be easily accessed by Jihadists and other terrorist organizations (Monteiro et al. 36). This possibility of a terrorist group having access to nuclear weapons would threaten the security of not only the USA but the whole world at large.

Taking Iran as an example, it is the world’s number one funder of terrorists, and it could, therefore, give her technology to groups of extremists that are hostile to the USA and other European nations. Availability of nuclear weapons would also vitalize Iran’s foreign policy, and this could lead to more hostilities with the international communities as well as threaten the safety of friends of America from the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain among others. Iran possessing atomic weapons would also promote nuclear proliferation because in response other countries would acquire nuclear weapons. This kind of response will significantly undermine the efforts that have been put forward to strengthen international relations.

Steps to Limit Nuclear Proliferation

Other Muslim nations also violate the human rights of their citizens and break the international laws that promote international relations and must therefore not be trusted by weapons of mass destruction. Compared to the USA or France these nations lack established democracies that strongly support fundamental global values such as human rights, international laws, and democracy (Monteiro et al. 20). To implement these policies and limit nuclear proliferation, the USA needs to follow these step:

1. The United States Joint Special Operation Command should perform a render safe mission on the Muslim nations believed to be in possession of nuclear weapons. This operation is where these weapons are remotely disabled to limit their spread.

2. They can also extend their security guarantees and offer the new nuclear powers technical assistance to discourage the manufacture of these weapons by providing conventional weapons to stop the nuclear program.

3. The USA could also sign agreements with other nuclear States to prohibit the production, testing, and sale of weapons of mass destruction. In doing so, they will ensure that the other upcoming nuclear states reciprocate by sending messages of goodwill that they will comply with the said policy.

4. The US should champion for dialogue on strategic stability. In doing so, it will ensure that the conflicts that encourage nuclear ambitions are highly reduced thus reducing the spread of the weapons.

5. There is also need to work with other nuclear nations to end the reliance on the weapons thus keeping them from dangerous groups of people thus stopping the threats that they could be posing to the world.

6. They should also ensure that other nuclear weapon states sidestep the careless rhetoric that could cause disasters.

7. The USA must liaise with other nuclear weapon states to carefully dismount their nuclear weapons and thus reducing the possibilities of a first strike. In doing so, they will be building trust with other nations with ambitions to develop these weapons and thus eliminating fears of a possible first strike.

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May 02, 2023
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