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ISIS has gained power through social media, where it has attracted almost 30,000 faraway warriors. They have come from over 100 different countries to fight in Iraq and Syria. As a result, it has aided in the expansion of new grants in countries ranging from Libya and Afghanistan to Nigeria and Bangladesh. Two years ago, as intruders from the ISIS group pushed into northern Iraq, they made a splash on Twitter by broadcasting information about their conquest of freshly conquered cities. They bravely showed horrifying images of everything that happened to groups of people who tried to fight back. Through an online application created by the team, supporters easily followed along every post, right from the comfort of their homes. They also linked their social media accounts, therefore giving ISIS direct allowance to post on their behalf routinely. The massacre at Pulse on June 12, 2016 put Florida on terrorism record. Investigations that are still underway to conclude whether ISIS is responsible for the attack noted that the victims were in a homosexual’s nightclub.

Motives, Actions, and Objectives of the Shooter

There are clues regarding Omar Mateen’s motives plus what inspired his actions of the shooting. Noor Salman, Mateen’s wife, is the chief person who aided and guided the terrorist acts. She is charged with obscuring investigations. According to the prosecutor, Salman’s husband asked her whether attacking a club with loads of people or Downtown Disney would be a disappointing thing to the masses. It is, therefore, clear that Mateen intended to carry out acts of terrorism that would upset people and remain memorable for years to come. Sources of authority say that Salman informed them that Mateen gauged whether it would be a noble thing to attack Pulse, Disney Springs, or City Place, which is a spot for shopping and entertainment at West Palm Beach (Brinkmann, 2017). Since City Palace is about 65 miles from his home, Fort Pierce, it was his closest target ever since the terrorist plan was executed.

Also, some people who fully recognized Mateen said that he is known to be a violent man. Mateen’s father told reporters that his son was prompted by anger after seeing two gay men kissing each other in Miami. It is, therefore, clear that he was gay. One of his former male workmate at G4S security firm said that he believed Mateen was gay. He reported that the shooter once expressed signs of love to him during their early morning shift. It is evident that he was pained by seeing the two gay men kissing.

The work colleague says that Mateen expressed so much anger that he kept talking of how he would one day set a record by killing thousands of people. The victims of the massacre were also attending a night for homosexual’s party, as noted by ISIS. Additionally, a man working for Florida Department of Law Enforcement said that the gay acts may have been the major reason behind the killings. He reported that he had previously seen gay folks acting violently by killing themselves and others; thus, they are usually motivated by self-hatred. They normally suffer in silence (Ellis, Frantz, McLaughlin, & Hume, 2016).

Two criminals, who profiled Mateen, said that the shooter was very familiar with the Pulse grounds and that he expressed a lot of hate for gay people including himself. He, therefore, intended to wipe them off. They also referred to him as a psychopath due to his high organized level for the attack. He used statements that would undermine people yet he was so comfortable at the club such that no one would predict his actions regarding the attack.

Furthermore, the FBI group contended that Mateen indicated signs of performing acts of terrorism since he began talking about being affiliated with a terrorist organization from a while back. According to the Florida Law Enforcement, killers like Mateen usually join any movement including religious groups, which they allege loyalty to. It implies that Mateen’s killing acts may have also been highly motivated by the terrorist group, of which he was a member.

ISIS and Their Intended Objective

The claims by ISIS reveal how the group released a speech that alleges to come from the head of the terrorist group. An audio recorded for 46 minutes showed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi insinuating how Jihadists were murdered in the conflict of retaking Mosul and some former Isis territories. He pleaded with supporters to increase attacks against the infidels, after an escalating worldwide terror aggression. ISIS has proved detailed on the ways of executing mass target terror assault, which includes how to acquire guns. They named mass terrorism as their primary objective. It was incredibly easy to attain guns in the US, giving followers directions to exhibits and online contractors. This magazine issue cited performance halls and entertainment centers as target sites due to the high concentration of people. Security officers and investigation specialists have previously cautioned that ISIS aims at sustaining their drive and authority through terrorist acts. The ISIS group’s declarations can be hard to either validate or reject. Their targets, goals, and objectives are schemed secretly (Koerner, 2016).

How the Shooting Exploited U.S Vulnerabilities

Expert views suggest that the terrorist attack upon those that attended the entertainment performance in Orlando could cause changes in security matters at public events, especially in places like hotels. Law enforcement groups continue to establish regulations in line with the deadly incident. Those termed as ‘gun free’ will no longer enjoy their freedom, since surveillance will increase, causing constant worry. According to Chan (2017), the act of terrorism stimulates instant amendments to safety measures. Annually, the organization conducts safety audits in around 400 hotels worldwide. Moreover, Younge (2016) asserts that expectations are that hotels will offer training to their security supervision personnel to examine consumers with tools that resemble rifles such as an elongated, thin items. Also, vulnerable groups are directly affected, since they will no longer enjoy full liberty at entertainment zones like before.

How the Act Avoided Established Countermeasures

Mass shootings are unfortunately far from over in the United States. The right to arms ownership is promised in the Second US Constitution’s Amendment and the National Rifle Association (NRA). While this statute protects the right to own firearms, the mass killing by Mateen shows, however, illegality against the already established countermeasures. Analysts are already calling for an evaluation of gun laws (Higgins, 2017). In America, the guideline regarding gun power has turned out to be so diversified such that consequential dispute no longer happens. Also, even when all law-abiding citizens are encouraged that all guns are illegal, illicit offenders try all the means to discover a way to own them, and they mostly succeed in their horrendous mission. For instance, guns prohibition is a law in New York City. However, there were about a thousand gun shootings in the previous year, conducted by the commoners, which defeats the same law.


The full cause of terrorism is that the society contains people who, out of thoughts, beliefs, or psychological problems, are always up to harming others, who mostly are innocent. For instance, Americans utilize guns, Chinese mostly use knives, Europeans use vehicles as weapons, and Israelites utilize explosives. This overall view makes it seem impracticable to plan and put up sufficient physical barriers to protect humanity against such weapons. These types of mass terrorisms against humankind contains in the minds of the executors. The society at large should aim towards implementing effective strategies to combat the evil acts of terrorism.


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