The Leadership Lessons of a Father and Son in the US Navy

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Most authors present various issues in their respective books to educate, motivate and impart knowledge to the readers. To enable readers to fully understand the content of the book, authors strive to use simple words. Different books have various themes depending on the objective of the author. Some authors write about their personal lives, experiences and their struggles to make readers understand that for success to be achieved, it is imperative to put effort in different activities and one has to be dedicated. This paper, therefore, presents a book report for the book "Navigating the Seven Seas" by Melvin G. Williams Sr. and Melvin G. Williams Jr. and discusses the leadership elements of the book.

The book "Navigating the Seven Seas" was written by Melvin G. Williams Sr. and Melvin G. Williams Jr. It was published by Naval Institute Press in the year 2011. The two authors of the book, a father, and a son, were two high achieving African-Americans in the US Navy and they share their experiences while serving in various capacities. Melvin G. Williams Sr. served in the US Navy from 1951 to 1978 (Williams Sr. and Melvin 65). Following his good leadership skills, he rose through the ranks and retired as a Command Master Chief. His son Melvin G. Williams Jr. served in the US Navy from 1978 to 2010 and his final assignment was as a Commander, US Second Fleet. The book presents how the two navigated through the ranks to become at the top positions in the US Navy. The duo employed what they referred to as the seven Cs of leadership: Commitment, Competence, Character, Courage, Caring, Communicating, and Community. Their book gives a comprehensive description of how they steered up through the ranks of the US Navy to positions of greater responsibilities. The authors explain that their leadership principles can be practiced, learned and refined for any profession.

Good leadership skills is one of the main themes presented in the book. The book is certainly the leadership lessons of the first African American father and a son to serve at the top ranks in the US Navy. The duo are indeed the epitome of Navy leadership, Naval heritage, and Naval history. The book presents the duo as a force that covers all areas of the leadership spectrum. The authors' foresight, vision, and love in serving others while in the US Navy has made major contributions for those that have come behind them in both the Enlisted and Officer ranks.

The book "Navigating the Seven Seas" give detailed accounts of how the authors achieved leadership ranks in their service to the country by following various precepts. Evidently, the book portrays that the principles of the duo that enabled them to reach top ranks in the US Navy can be applied in any profession, be it military or civilian. The book defines the qualities and roles of a good leader. Although the authors' experience is mainly with the US Navy, their key message to the readers is that the leadership Cs are relevant to all readers regardless of leadership situation, occupation, gender or background. It, therefore, motivates people to work hard and be dedicated to whatever one does. The authors argue that although they are members of a minority, they rose to various leadership roles in the US Navy by strictly following their principles.

The authors of the book "Navigating the Seven Seas" explains that Williams' success started from the solid foundation of his parents to life's lessons learned and also to ultimately a variety of assignments leading up to command. In their book, the authors explain that it is imperative to employ good leadership skills in any line of duty. Having served diligently during their tenure, the authors share their experiences in leadership positions from approximately 60 years of service as high achieving members in the US.

Honesty, the delegation of duties, creativity, decision-making capabilities, creativity, and passion are some of the qualities of a good leader (Williams Sr. and Melvin 65). They explain that such qualities should be employed to ensure that people in leadership positions achieve their respective objectives. According to Melvin G. Williams Sr. and Melvin G. Williams Jr, to ensure that one achieve various aims, one needs to strategize and employ what the duo refer to as seven Cs.

In conclusion, the book "Navigating the Seven Seas" by Melvin G. Williams Sr. and Melvin G. Williams Jr. is one of the best books that act as a source of inspiration to people in either leadership positions or those who aspire to become leaders. It is therefore imperative to read the book and apply the principles discussed by the authors. Also, the good leadership skills and hard work presented in the book is essential for anyone who wishes to understand how to succeed in various difficult situations. The book motivates readers that regardless of race, culture or background, one can rise through the ranks to come to top positions. Personally, I find the book inspirational and encouraging. Reading the book provides me with the knowledge of how to become a good leader…

Work Cited

Williams Sr, Melvin, and Melvin Williams. Navigating the Seven Seas: Leadership Lessons of the First African American Father and Son to Serve at Top in the US Navy. Naval Institute Press, 2011.

November 24, 2023

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